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Low Cost CW DPSS Lasers

Low Cost CW DPSS Lasers

Photop Suwtech manufacture a range of low-cost diode pumped solid state lasers. They can provide both the laser diodes themselves or complete modules in wavelengths of 1064nm, 532nm and 473nm.
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  1. DPGL-3020F Green Laser
  2. DPGL-3010 Green Laser
  3. DPGL-3010F Green Laser
  4. DPGL-3020 Green Laser
  5. DPGL-2150 Green Laser
  6. DPGL-2150F Green Laser
  7. DPGL-2200F Green Laser
  8. DPIR-2200 Infra Red Laser
  9. DPIR-2300 Infra Red Laser
  10. DPIR-2400 Infra Red Laser
  11. DPGL-3005F Green Laser
  12. DPGL-3005 Green Laser
  13. DPBL-9020F Blue Laser
  14. DPBL-9050 Blue Laser
  15. DPGL-2050F Green Laser
  16. DPGL-2050 Green Laser
  17. DPGL-2030F Green Laser
  18. GDL-6001 Green Laser Diode
  19. GDL-6005 Green Laser Diode
  20. GDL-7020 Green Laser Diode
  21. GDL-7050 Green Laser Diode
  22. DPIR-2500 Infra Red Laser

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