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Lambda's press releases

  • XIMEA releases new camera models with Sony CMOS sensors and USB3

    XIMEA, the innovator of small size and high speed cameras, has released more models with Sony CMOS Pregius™sensors and USB3 Vision.

    It started with models based on IMX174, IMX252 and IMX250, and now XIMEA has made accessible to the general public the first units with Sony CMOS IMX255 sensor providing 8.9 Mpix at 43 Fps - MC089MG-SY / MC089CG-SY, as well as cameras using the Sony IMX253 sensor with 12.4 Mpix at 31 Fps - MC124MG-SY / MC124CG-SY. These newcomers are part of the xiC line of cameras enhanced with the ever popular USB3 interface.

    All Sony’s models from the IMX family based on the Pregius™ technology have Global shutter and are able to supply 8, 10 or 12 bit high quality pictures with the Dynamic range higher than 70 dB, extraordinarily low noise, exceptional light sensitivity and remarkable colour reproduction, at a speed much higher than Sony CCD equivalents.

    To leverage the impressive image quality of the newest Sony sensors and their high speed using USB3, XIMEA has cast these ingredients into an extra small form factor housing, measuring only 26x26x33 mm and weighing just 38 grams. Power requirements are as low as 3 Watt which allows the cameras to be bus powered directly through the USB3 cable.

    The interface is specified as “USB 3.1 Gen 1” and there is no practical difference from the well-known USB 3.0, still ensuring a high bandwidth of 5 Gbit/s. XIMEA offers various types of connectors - the default being standard USB 3.0 Micro-B, but it is also possible to supply camera variations with the new USB Type-C or Flex line connector ideal for embedded vision systems.

    Free of charge, the XIMEA API/SDK supports Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and the most popular Machine Vision Libraries including MVTec Halcon, National Instruments Labview, OpenCV and Mathworks Matlab. An interesting option is a combination these miniature cameras with Linux ARM boards to further enhance the mobility of the overall system package.

    Next level of speed, unbeatable form factor, attractive price, compatibility and customisability make XIMEA USB3 Vision cameras stand out from the crowd and will also make your applications shine.

    For further information please contact one of our Machine Vision sales/applications engineers on 01582 764334 or click here to email.

  • Zygo Trade-ins & Upgrades Special Offer for used Metrology Systems

    There is no better time to trade in your older metrology equipment for a new state-of-the-art system from ZYGO, or upgrade your current system to increase its capabilities and extend its service life. ZYGO's current products include advanced technology, hardware enhancements, and current generation software and computer platform providing the highest value, reliability and metrology capabilities available today, while lowering your overall cost-of-ownership.

    Click here for more information.

  • Lambda Photometrics partners with Keysight Technologies UK

    Lambda, a leading distributor and service provider of test and measurement equipment, today announces the signing of a distribution agreement with Keysight UK to supply Keysight’s comprehensive range of test and measurement products and semiconductor test solutions to customers across the UK.

    As part of the agreement, Lambda will sell, support and maintain stock of a comprehensive range of Keysight products, for electronics manufacturers, high performance production testing, product development, fundamental research and teaching labs, included are:

    • Oscilloscopes with compliance and debugging software. Bandwidths from 50MHz to 1.5GHz with 5GSa/s sample rates.
    • Low level measurement and sourcing, including femto, picometer, electrometer and high resistance meters
    • High performance DC Power Supplies, AC Power Sources and Electronic Loads
    • BenchVue software for design and validation work
    • Digital Multimeters and Data acquisition products
    • Waveform generators and Frequency Counters
    • Source and measure units, SMU products
    • Semiconductor and materials test systems
    • Hand held instruments including: DMM’s, Insulation Resistance meters, Clamp Meters and Thermal imagers.

    New Keysight products now available are:

    • Ultra-Low cost oscilloscopes from 50-100MHz. The InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series uses Keysight’s unique MegaZoom IV custom ASIC technology, which enables a high 50,000 waveforms per second update rate. This makes it easier to see random and infrequent glitches and anomalies that similarly-priced oscilloscopes might miss. The 1000 X-Series also has a high sampling rate of up to 2 GSa/s and comes as standard, with two probes.
    • The Model B2900A series source measure units (SMU’s) provide best-in-class performance for a modest price. They have broad voltage (210V) and current (3A DC and 10.5A pulsed) sourcing capability, excellent precision (minimum 10fA/100nV sourcing and measuring resolution) and possess a superior colour LCD graphical user interface. In addition, several task-based viewing modes dramatically improve productivity for test, debug and characterisation.
    • BenchVue software for the PC reinvents your bench testing by making it simple to connect and record results from your instruments with no programming. You will derive answers faster than ever by easily viewing, logging and exporting measurement data and screen images with a few clicks from a single environment. Use BenchVue to: – Visualise multiple measurements simultaneously – Easily log data, screen images and system state – Recall past state of your bench to replicate results.

    Ian Ramsay, Lambda’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted that Keysight have chosen to work with us in the UK.  Their name and products significantly enhance our portfolio and can only be of benefit to our customers.  We are all excited about this opportunity and are looking forward to working with the Keysight team”.

    Martin Dinmore, Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland at Keysight, added: “We were really impressed with the technical expertise and customer focused setup at Lambda. Their strong understanding of our products and  customers’ applications will provide an excellent complement to Keysight’s existing sales infrastructure.  I’m delighted to welcome Lambda on board”.

    For further information, please contact Lambda at 01582 764 334 or


    About Lambda Photometrics

    Lambda Photometrics Ltd ( is a leading supplier of test and measurement equipment, for the characterisation, measurement and analysis of materials and devices. Celebrating 40 years of sales and support in the UK and Ireland, Lambda staff pride themselves on understanding customers applications and providing excellent communication, support and advice.

    About Keysight Technologies

    Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS) helps customers bring breakthrough electronic products and systems to market faster and at a lower cost. Keysight’s solutions go where the electronic signal goes, from design simulation, to prototype validation, to manufacturing test, to optimization in the network. Customers span the worldwide communications ecosystem, internet infrastructure, aerospace & defence, automotive, semiconductor and general electronics end markets. Keysight generated revenues of $2.9B in fiscal year 2016. More information is available at

  • Onefive releases a new 100W picosecond laser, the Genki – 10 XP, for advanced material processing

    Lambda Photometrics are pleased to announce release of the new Genki – 10 XP picosecond laser from Onefive GmbH, featuring 100W output power in a new and compact package for optimal and cost-effective workstation integration.

    The Genki – 10 XP platform further advances the industrialisation of high energy and high power picosecond lasers. Based on Onefive’s ultra-stable Genki seed laser, this new laser provides clean pulses shorter than 10 ps, which is an optimal pulse duration for many micromachining applications. To satisfy the increasing demand for picosecond laser workstations, the Genki – 10 XP has been optimised to provide up to 100 W of average power and 300 μJ pulse energy at the industry-standard wavelength of 1064 nm. Wavelength conversion options are available for 532nm and 355nm. Pulse repetition rates from single-shot up to 80 MHz can be achieved, together with burst-mode operation, and this laser can also be tailored to work at lower repetition rates with even higher pulse energies.

    The Genki – 10 XP has been designed to provide the simplest and most cost-effective possible system integration. It is an all-in-one design containing seed laser, amplifier and driving/timing electronics in one box. The laser can be completely controlled by RS232 offering full remote control capability. It offers excellent pointing stability and is maintenance-free.

    Picosecond laser-based micromachining and industrial production is proven to have several advantages for quality control, high-precision, and lack of post production needs. Nevertheless high-power pulsed lasers remain expensive and complex for many standard industrial processes. The Genki – 10 XP has been developed to remove these constraints offering a compact, cost-effective and long lasting product. It has been especially designed for micro-machining and several other industrial applications, and was shown for the first time at Photonics West 2017 in San Francisco.

    Click here for more information. To speak with a Sales & Applications Engineer please call 01582 764334 or click here to email.

  • EssentOptics shows its PHOTON RT at coming PhotonicsWest 2017

    EssentOptics has prepared its trend-setting PHOTON RT scanning spectrophotometer for display at coming PhotonicsWest 2017 Show (German Pavilion, booth #4629. January 31 – February 2, 2017, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA).

    PHOTON RT spectrophotometers are the only instruments on the market designed for coating experts. The feature-rich instrument is focused on the one and only application – measurement of thin film optics. No “biochem” software features are inside. No bulky fixtures or attachments are needed any more. And no more days-long measurements. Each software and hardware element is carefully tailored for fast and accurate measurement of transmittance or absolute specular reflectance of thin films, seamlessly from UV to Mid-wave Infrared, from 0 to 75 degrees angle of incidence, and from S to P polarisation. This is what PHOTON RT instruments are all about - boldly offering capabilities no one has ever had before to enable groundbreaking coatings.

    Visit EssentOptics at PhotonicsWest. Let’s talk your coatings!

    Click here for further PHOTON RT information


  • Phenom-World introduces unique 6-axes Eucentric Sample Holder for desktop SEM

    Phenom-World announces a Eucentric Sample Holder with a 6-axes sub-stage for eucentric tilting and compucentric rotation. The stage is designed for use in the Phenom XL Desktop SEM and allows users to move samples around easily without losing sight of the sample detail.

    eucentricsampleholderA eucentric stage is typically an expensive option on large ‘floor model’ SEMs. This product changes all of that,” explains Emile Asselbergs, CEO of Phenom-World. “It’s easy to operate, it offers good value-for money, and you do not need a 1-week upgrade. Also, safety is guaranteed by a clever design and state-of-the-art algorithms instead of the traditional optical cameras and touch-sensors.”

    Exceptional stage performance

    The sub-stage is fully integrated into a regular Phenom XL sample holder, so it can be simply loaded or unloaded within 1 minute. The Eucentric Sample Holder features 4 motorised axes that allow the user to freely tilt, rotate and shift the sample, in combination with the 2 motorised axes on the main stage. The stage performance is also exceptional; samples can be tilted up to angles of 90 degrees and then still be shifted, a feature never seen before on a desktop SEM.

    The stage in the Eucentric Sample Holder is controlled via a state-of-the-art user-interface that features a real-time 3D visualisation module. It shows the actual sample position and orientation at all times, from any position the user chooses. The software also includes fully integrated anti-collision algorithms that allow worry-free operation of the stage by keeping both sample and SEM safe.

    Emile Asselbergs is delighted that Phenom-World has been able to satisfy demand for this ground-breaking solution. “This new holder clearly shows our commitment to innovation. Innovation that makes our customer’s jobs easier so they can achieve their goals faster. It also demonstrates that desktop SEMs are ever more becoming high-end equipment.”

    pdficonEucentric Sample Holder Datasheet




  • New partnership with Xiton Photonics GmbH

    Datenblatt-Impress224.cdrLambda Photometrics are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership to promote Xiton Photonics GmbH products in the UK & Ireland. For more than 10 years Xiton Photonics GmbH has been producing high-quality, DPSS lasers with a core expertise in nonlinear optical conversion that has enabled Xiton to develop lasers with deep ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths of 224, 213 & 193nm with ultra-low maintenance costs. In addition, Xiton also offer nanosecond & picoseond pulsewidth lasers with unique wavelengths of 1342, 671 & 447nm for applications such as flat panel display repair and thin film patterning. Xiton also manufacture the SLM series, which are single longitudinal mode, solid state lasers with the deep UV wavelength and long coherence length ideally suited to fibre Bragg grating (FBG) fabrication.

    xiton_uv_slm Xiton Photonics Laser Systems. Tailored to satisfy your needs.

    The considerable knowledge at Xiton in laser manufacture and non-linear harmonic conversion is well-aligned with Lambda’s expertise in UV technologies with products including the Xenon Corp pulsed light sources, LASOS CW UV lasers, Opotek tunable wavelength OPO’s, B&W Tek xenon light sources and SRS nitrogen lasers. This appointment maintains Lambda Photometrics’ position as the leading supplier of deep UV lasers and light sources in the UK & Ireland.

    Click here for more information or to speak with a Sales & Applications Engineer please call 01582 764334 or click here to email.

    This appointment consolidates Lambda Photometrics Ltd. position as the leading UK Distributor of Characterisation, Measurement and Analysis solutions with particular expertise in Instrumentation, Laser and Light based products, Optics, Electro-optic Testing, Spectroscopy, Machine Vision, Optical Metrology, Fibre Optics, Microscopy and Pulsed Xenon Light Systems.

    Lambda Photometrics – the deep UV specialists.

  • GLDM-520 OEM Green Laser Diode Modules

    Laserex announces a significant advance in laser technology to produce green laser diode beams (GLDM) at a wavelength of 520nm. The GLDM series produce light that is more sensitive to the human eye than red lasers, making them ideal for use where a bright, crisp, clear green spot or line is required for an OEM or industrial application. The GLDM-4V and GLDM-5 series are a very cost effective solution for OEM applications requiring a compact, PCB mountable, variable focus laser module, ideal for use in confined spaces and is available with pins as standard or with wire connections. The GLDM-4V and GLDM-5 series provides excellent beam collimation with additional options including line beam generating optics with output powers in the range of 1-15mW.

    Microsoft Word - GLDM press release

    Key features of the GLDM-4V & GLDM-5 series include:

    • The GLDM operates with a stable wavelength across a wide operating temperature range of –15°C to +60°C.
    • The GLDM-520 has a stable output power of 1-15mW and instant start up eliminating the inefficiencies associated with green lasers using crystal based technology.
    • Rugged and robust, the GLDM series has excellent mechanical stability and is resilient to vibration.
    • The GLDM-5 series comes with a beam divergence of <0.3mrad with a circular spot, making it ideal for long range targeting and pointing applications where pinpoint accuracy is required.
    • The GLDM-4 has a <0.75mrad beam divergence and comes with an elliptical beam and with plastic or glass optical lenses.
    • Both the GLDM-4V and GLDM-5 come with variable focus adjustment to fit your application needs.
    • With a well collimated laser light source including the provision for laser line generators (standards as well as Uniform Intensity) the GLDM-520 series of green laser diode modules are very versatile.
    • Designed and manufactured in Australia, the GLDM-520 series come with a 12 month warranty.

    All these benefits have led the GLDM-4V & GLDM-5 series to be the laser module of choice for numerous applications including: position sensing, metrology, targeting, automation, robotics and visual alignment.

    Click here for further information.

    To speak with a Sales & Applications engineer please call 01582 764334 or click here to email.

    This product introduction consolidates Lambda Photometrics’ position as the leading UK Distributor of Characterisation, Measurement and Analysis solutions with particular expertise in Instrumentation, Laser and Light based products, Optics, Electro-optic Testing, Spectroscopy, Machine Vision, Optical Metrology, Fibre Optics, Microscopy and Pulsed Xenon Light Systems.

    At the forefront of the laser industry, Laserex is an Australian Owned company located in Adelaide, South Australia, designing and manufacturing and premier industrial OEM lasers and custom-built laser technologies. Laserex has a reputation built on supplying high quality lasers and laser-affiliated products worldwide with 30 years of leading experience in this field of advanced technology design and manufacture. Laserex continues to supply clients with the highest quality workmanship, first-rate service and a dedication to remaining the best in our field.

  • New world-record wavelength range configurations for Photon RT

    EssentOptics, a leading producer of UV-VIS-MWIR spectrophotometers for optical coaters, sets a new benchmark for the effective wavelength range of this type of spectrophotometer instrument and announces the expanded Mid Wave IR (MWIR) range configurations for its Photon RT spectrophotometers.

    By Mid-wave Infrared (MWIR) we are referring to the 3 to 5 µm atmospheric window which is typically covered by detectors made of Indium Antimonide (InSb), Mercury Cadmium Telluride (HgCdTe, MCT) and Lead Selenide (PbSe).

    The newly approved infrared source was developed and tested to meet growing customers' need for low-noise and repeatable optical measurements in Mid Wave IR. The tests results confirm its clear advantage over the traditional halogen lamp for 3.2-5.2 µm wavelength range measurement applications as it demonstrates both high signal stability and high illumination density. The signal-to-noise ratio is improved by a factor of greater 2 compared with the halogen lamp for the 3.4-4.2 µm wavelength range, and by greater than 5 times for the 4.5–5.2 µm wavelength range.

    A team of EssentOptics experts analysed the IR signal quality of the spectrophotometer's baseline and performed test measurements for typical thin film coatings – a MWIR narrow bandpass filter and an aluminium mirror.

    Baseline of the Spectrophotometer:


    Test Measurements - Aluminium Mirror:


    Test Measurements - Narrow Bandpass Filter, 4.85 µm.


    The baselines measured with the new IR source demonstrate significantly higher stability and lower noise thus ensuring much better accuracy of measurements. Improved signal quality is also confirmed for variable angle and S/P polarisation-dependent measurements up to 5.2 µm, which is unattainable for any other instruments on the market.

    Due to successful tests, the wavelength range of the PHOTON RT spectrophotometer will be expanded from 3.1 µm up to 3.5 µm, and from 4.9 µm up to 5.2 µm for the respective configurations of the instrument. The advanced configurations are offered to our customers without any price increase.

    To speak with one of our Sales Engineers call 01582 764334 or to email click here.

  • DSG800 Series RF Signal Generator from Rigol Technologies

    dsg815pr_250The new DSG800 Series RF Signal Generator from Rigol Technologies further enhances Lambda Photometrics’ portfolio of RF Test & Measurement products. For IoT and RF applications from design to debug, the DSG800 series provides uncompromised RF signal generation capabilities at unprecedented value.

    Key specifications include:

    • Models covering output frequencies from 9 kHz to 3.0GHz
    • Maximum output power up to +20 dBm
    • Low SSB phase noise of -105 dBc/Hz
    • Amplitude accuracy of +/- 0.5dB
    • Frequency resolution 0.01 Hz at any frequency
    • Oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) time-base with <5 ppb temperature stability and < 30 ppb/year aging stability – the most accurate and stable available in this class
    • Conventional sweep functions (step, list, logarithmic, and linear) as well as analogue modulation functions including amplitude (AM), frequency (FM), phase (ØM) and pulse modulation
    • Optional pulse train generation capability for translating serial data onto an RF Link

    Engineers implementing WiFi, Bluetooth, and other RF interfaces into their embedded systems are always looking for more powerful and more affordable test solutions. The DSG800 delivers a highly capable RF Generator in a bench space saving compact form factor. With prices starting at just £1,383 ex VAT, the DSG redefines customer value in this product category.

    For further specification information, please click here.

    To speak with a Sales or Applications Engineer please call 01582 764334 or click here to email.

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