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Greenlee 910FS Core Alignment Optical Fusion Splicer

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  • Greenlee 910FS Core Alignment Optical Fusion Splicer
  • Greenlee 910FS Core Alignment Optical Fusion Splicer
  • Greenlee 910FS Core Alignment Optical Fusion Splicer

Greenlee 910FS Core Alignment Optical Fusion Splicer

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Manufacturer: Tempo

  • 14.5cm (5.7”) Flip-Over LCD Screen

  • Auto-Calculation of Estimated Splice Loss

  • True Core Alignment for Low Loss Splicers

  • Selectable Heating Modes

  • Windows 10 Compatible

  • Splice-on-Connector Options (SC, LC, ST & FC)

  • Auto-Check Fibre End Face

  • Transferable or Fixed Fibre Adaptors (250, 900μm, 3mm)

The Greenlee 910FS Core Alignment fusion splicer provides lower loss fusions splices than cladding or V-groove technology fusion splicers.

The active alignment mechanism of the 910FS Core alignment splicer makes adjustments to compensate for concentricity, dirt and overall diameter.

Single Mode Fibre (SMF) has a core diameter of between 8 and 10 microns, but if the core an ladding is not co-axial a mechanical alignment of the cladding (in V-grooves) cannot optimally align the cores in two dimensions, resulting in higher splice losses.

Core Alignment Technology

The Greenlee 910FS Core Alignment fusion splicer employs a Core Detection System (CDS) also known as a Profile Alignment System (PAS). Light is shone into the fibre and embedded cameras are used to identify the core of the fibre by detecting the difference in the refraction of light caused at the core/cladding interface. The type of fibre is also determined at this stage and allows the 910FS fusion splicer to automatically select the optimum splicing profile.

Core alignment splicers use six motors and two cameras to align the fibres in the X, Y and Z dimensions. The motors then bring the fibres together in the Z direction prior to splicing.

The 910FS Core Alignment Splicer is able to compensate for any misalignment of the fibre cores held in the V-grooves since the V-grooves are moved to align the cores of both fibres precisely. This is done in a dynamic feedback loop (PAS) methodology that automatically senses the active area of the fibre core and adjusts the alignment of the two cores to minimise loss.

Any misalignment of the fibres within the V-grooves, due to fibre tolerances, contamination or misuse is automatically compensated resulting in repeatable, low loss splices.

Additional Information

Specifications 910FS
Application Fibres SMF (ITU-T G.652), MMF (ITU-T G.651), DSF (ITU-T G.653), NZDSF (ITU-T G.655, BIF (ITU-T G.657), EDF
Fibre Cleaved Length 8 to 16mm (Coating diameter: 0 to 250μm); 16mm (Coating dia. 250 to 1000μm)
Cladding Diameter 80 to 150μm
Coating Diameter 100 to 1000μm
Fibre Count Single
Fibre Aligining Method Auto Core Alignment
Splice Loss (Typical) SMF/BIF ≤0.02dB/ MMF≤0.01dB / DSF/NZDSF/EDF ≤0.04dB(typical)
Attenuated Splice Function 0.1dB - 15dB
Splicing Mode 60 Preset / User Definable Modes
Splice Time (Typical) ≤9 seconds
Splice Loss Evaluation Yes
Fibre Check Fibre cleaving angle / axis offset / loss / fibre alignment / focus etc.
Splice-on-Connector LC, SC, ST and FC
Arc Calibration Mode Automatic & Manual
Protection Sleeve Strength 60mm, 40mm, Micro Sleeves
Storage of Splice Results 5000 Splices
Tension Test 2N
Fibre Display Magnification 240x
Tube Heating Time (Typical) Auto heating 24s - 36s (28s default) and user defined
Display 5.7" Colour, Turn-Over LCD
Electrode Life 3000-4000 burns
Splices per Battery Charge 250 (60mm Shrink Cycles)
Humidity 0 to 95%
Temperature (-10°C to 50°C) 
Storage Temperature (-20°C to 70°C)
Power Supply 100-240V AC/DC Power Adapter (50/60Hz) 6600 mAh Li-ion Battery
Weight (including Battery) 3.14 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 180 x 160 x 155mm

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