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GLK Green DPSS Lasers (515-546nm)

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Product Code: GLK Series
Manufacturer: Lasos
Lasos CW DPSS Lasers, 515/532/540/546nm & 20/50/75/100/150/200/300mW

The LASOS DPSS laser series is the best choice for reliability and long lifetime. The special optical design and an intelligent power and temperature management guarantee excellent long-term stability, low noise and exceptional beam quality.

These lasers are ideal for a variety of applications such as:

  • DNA sequency
  • Flow cytometry
  • Digital imaging
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Fast flow rate particle measurements
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Holography


Housed in compact, robust packages, the DPSS series are ideal for integration into OEM instrumentation and systems or for end user applications in research and development. These units are available with free space output or optional fibre coupling.

Fibre type: Single mode, polarization maintaining
Fiber jacket: 3 mm PVC, optional: 5 mm steel-reinforced, 5 mm stainless steel
Output connector: FC or customized
Coupling efficiency: 70%




Controller Options:


CKL 2400

CKL 1000



USB 2.0. RS232


CDRH and OEM versions 

CDRH and OEM versions

Available as PCB in eurocard size

Operating voltage:

12 or 24 V

12 or 24 V

Operating current:

0.6 A

0.6 A

Maximum current:

2 A

2 A

Controller cable length:

1 or 2 m

1 or 2 m

Additional Information







515 nm

532 nm

540 nm

546 nm

Output power


20, 59, 75, 100, 150,

200, 300 mW

20, 50 mW

50 mW

Beam Dia.

0.7, 0.32mm

Beam divergence

< 1.2 mrad

Beam Ellipticity


Beam quality M²

< 1.2

Output power stability over 8 h

< ± 1 %

Wavelength stability during 8 h

< ±0.002 nm

Pointing Stability

< 6 µrad/K


< 1 MHz

Optical noise (30 Hz-10 MHz)

< 0.5 % rms

Polarization ratio (vertical)

> 200:1

Warm up time

< 10 min

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