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Micro-g Air damped vibration isolation legs to support optical tables - with many configurations of height, weight capacity and vibration isolation performance.

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Micro-g optical table support systems are an ideal match for our CleanTop optical tables and breadboards. A wide range of configuration options, including height, weight capacity, and vibration isolation performance, are available.

Most tops are best supported by a 4-post system with tie-bars, however for those longer than 10 ft (3 m) we recommend a 6-post system. In addition to the higher weight capacity, the structural characteristics of the top are enhanced by the additional support points.

When open access between the posts is necessary Micro-g Free-Standing Posts are a convenient alternative to posts with tiebars . Though generally configured in sets of 4 and 6 legs, other configurations include 3 and 5 legs. The independent posts offer the maximum flexibility in post positioning with respect to the optical top.

Three damping/isolation levels are available. Choose maximum vibration attenuation or aggressive damping for applications with moving stages or robotic motion.

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Micro-g gives you superior convenience and economy in acquiring precisely the equipment you need for supporting optical tables or other large work surfaces. The unique Micro-g design lets you customize basic features and still have off-the-shelf prices and speedy delivery. There are six categories of options, and the convenient selection charts help you construct a part number for ordering. Systems can also be easily upgraded – whether to convert from a leveling stand to an isolator or add casters – whenever required.


Isolators/Leveling Posts – If you need vibration isolation now, our isolators are unsurpassed in the industry for passive vertical and horizontal vibration attenuation – especially as demonstrated at realistic, low levels of input.

If a rigid non-isolating stand will suffice, TMC offers an economical leveling mount option with rugged, adjustable jack screws that provide +2 1/2 and - 0 in. (+62 and - 0 mm) of travel. Later, you can upgrade the system to full vibration isolation performance, with a total cost only slightly more than if you had opted for this feature originally.

Load Capacities – Depending on the weight of your table and onboard equipment, you can select support systems with capacities of 1,400, 4,000, 6,000, 10,000, or 15,000 lb (600, 2,000, 3,000, 4,500, or 7,000 kg, respectively). Customized systems can be configured from standard components to support virtually any structure.

Height – Seven post heights are available as standard: 12, 16, 18, 22, 24, 28, and 32 in. (300, 400, 450, 550, 600, 700, and 800 mm, respectively) – though not all sizes are available in all capacities. Taking into account the table thickness and height of equipment components, select the post size that provides the working height you need. Ergonomic convention would dictate 36 in. (900 mm) from floor to table top surface.

Tiebars – For safety reasons, tiebars are recommended. They are mandatory when you choose casters or anticipate upgrading to them. If you require constant access to the area under the table, free-standing support bases will provide more than adequate stability.

Casters – TMC's optional casters are of a rugged, heavy-duty design making an installed table easily movable when they are engaged. Once the table is positioned, the casters retract to establish solid floor contact during equipment operation. Like other Micro-g features, they can be integrated at the outset or purchased later if you choose to upgrade. Casters retract externally on the smallest capacity posts, internally on the intermediate, and are not available for the highest capacity. They are not available on posts less than 18 in. tall.

Configurations – A simple four-post frame configuration is the most common; however, depending on the size and shape of the supported structure and on the weight and position of onboard equipment, another multiple support system may be preferred. For unusual size tops or if you have any doubt as to your approach, please call us.


  1. Determine whether vibration isolation is required or whether rigid, non-resonant support is adequate.

  2. Determine if Casters are going to be used, tie bars are required.  Casters cannot be used with free standing posts, nor 2,500 lb capacity posts.

  3. Find the size of the optical top to be supported in the left column of the ordering chart, pick the leg system number from the appropriate column.

  4. Ensure that the support has adequate capacity by comparing the capacity to the optical top weight plus equipment load.
    • Top weight is equal to the Top Area times the Weight Factor from the bottom of the size chart for Optical tops
    • The total payload should fall between 25% and 75% of the isolator capacity.
    • Generally, 8 in. (200mm) and 12 in. (300mm) tops require 13 or 14 series legs, 4 post systems.

  5. Assign the height code (H) to the catalog number based on the desired height of the table surface and thickness of the optical top, generally 36” high is for standing at the work surface.

  6. Leveling baseplates, with wear plates, are an option for 13,14, and 16 series.  These can be helpful if your floor is not perfectly level. 
    1. To specify Leveling Baseplates the fourth digit of the catalog number should be ‘4’.  If plain baseplates are desired, then the fourth digit should be ‘3’
    2. Example, 16-143-00 becomes 16-133-00

  7. Standard Height Control valves are included when ordering Isolators in sets of 4 and 6, example 14-426-35, includes four isolators, casters, tie bars and control valves.

  8. Height control valves must be specified when ordering individual posts.  Choose valve kit from the Height Control Valve Kit ordering Chart.
    1. Note, if more than 4 posts are being combined, a suffix must be added, e.g for 8 of 14-134-00, the correct valve kit is SV14-8).


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