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Mega Speed HHC X9 PRO High Speed Camera

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  • Mega Speed HHC X9 PRO High Speed Camera

Mega Speed HHC X9 PRO High Speed Camera

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Product Code: HHCX9
Manufacturer: Mega Speed

The Mega Speed HHC X9 PRO is a portable high speed camera, with 640 x 480 touch screen interface and records 2000 fps at 1920 x 1080. Re-Moveable SSD for the industry’s fastest flow. Tough high impact, light weight Industrial grade ABS body.

Work Lights: Built in high power LED work lights.

Temperature Range: 0°C to 45°C Operational range. -40°C to +50°C storage range.

Camera Weight: Mobile handheld camera.  Light weight 1550g / 3.5 lbs with battery.

Camera Battery: Lithium-ion re-chargeable / removable battery  with power saving features.

Camera SIze: Depth 7.8cm x width 22.8cm x height 12.5cm.

Input Voltage: 14 VDC from wall adapter when required.  Camera charges internal battery while plugged in and recording.

Camera Body: Self contained, hand held  with advanced light weight rugged shock absorbing  Space Age ABS body.

LCD Screen: Rear high resolution LCD screen.  Full touch screen operation and control.

Image Sensor:  4/3” color or monochrome 1920 x 1080 format CMOS 10 bit, 10um pixel pitch.

ISO Value: 10,000.

Low Light Setting:  25 fps,  40 ms exposure time for pre-capture setup and focus plus built in high power LED work lights.

High Speed Mode: 2000 fps @ 1920 x 1080 resolution and 100,000 fps  at minimum resolution.

Streaming Mode: Camera can stream in long record mode to the internal  SATA solid state drive

Shutter Speed: Global electric shutter 2 us to 40 milli-seconds in precise 1-2 us steps for no high speed blur.

Trigger In: 3 to 48 VDC TTL centre pin positive, manual, external or countdown timer.

Input/Output Ports: Triggers:   Pre / Post, Single Sequence, Multiple Start/Stop & Continuous Mode Trigger, Sync. & ADC.

Data Acquisition: Data acquisition connection of rear of camera to accept outside signal source.

Storage Options: One hot swap SSD,  2 X USB & 2 X SD ports for use with USB flash drives and SD cards.

File Formats: User can save  images in AVI, JPEG,  BMP, TIFF, RAW and DNG file formats.

Optical Interface: Standard “C” Mount.  “F” Mount is optional.

Camera RAM: 16 GB ( Giga Byte )  internal high speed internal image buffer memory.

Solid State Drive: One hot-swap re-moveable 240 GB Solid State Drive expandable to 512 GB or 1 TB.

Removable Storage: One solid state drive, 2 USB ports & 2 SD  ports.

Tripod Support: Camera has integrated ¼ x 20  tri-pod thread.

Video Out Formats: HDMI interface for TV / monitor and one optional 3GSDI out port.

WiFi / LAN: Camera can connect to LAN network and camera has  optional  WiFi connectivity.

IRIG B: Optional IRIG B time code ready via multi pin connector for IRIG B time stamping on recorded images.

Strobe/Sync out: 3.3  VDC  TTL via multi pin connector center pin positive, active high.

PC Requirements: 2GHz, 8 GB RAM. 1 USB and one Gig E connection.  (Only needed if you connect camera to a PC)

PC Software: Ships with Camera Control for image transfer,  object tracking, image analysis, video editing software.

PC Interface: Gigabit Ethernet for full camera control and downloading files from the camera’s solid state drive. User can also remove the  SSD and connect it to the PC  with the supplied USB DOC cable.

Additional Information

Gig E interface 16 gigabytes high speed memory
640 x 480 touch screen interface 2000 fps at 1920 x 1080
4 hr Li Po battery High power LED lights
HDMI video out 2 x USB
2 x SDHC Strobe out
Trigger in Light weight cool running design
Full menu driven touch screen interface PC software included
SSD is standard. 640GB or 1TB Sync in / Sync out
IRIG B “C” mount is Standard. “F” or “PL” mount adapters optional

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