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XPLOR 100 (bubbles & inclusions)

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The perfect blend of innovative design and state of the art technology.

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M3 XPLOR 100 is a state of the art, fully automated metrology device designed for measurement and analysis of bubbles and inclusions for optical substrates in the Visible and NIR wave-bands.


XYZ Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.001mm
Camera Resolution 1280 X 1024
Pixel Size 5.3um X 5.3um
Measurement Area 100mm X 100mm X 100mm
Bit Depth 10 Bits
Frame Rate 60 fps
Light Source SiN3
Wavelength Range 400nm to 1000nm
 MAGNIFICATION  0.243X  0.528X  1.00X  2.00X
Working Distance 103 mm 44 mm 62.2 mm 55.9 mm
Depth of Field ±11 mm ±1 mm ±11 mm ±0.3 mm
Field of View 45.2 mm 20.8 mm 11 mm 5.5 mm
Envelope Dimensions (LWH) 438mm x 518mm x 662mm
Electrical Requirements 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Weight 70lbs (Mainframe)
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