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Phenom Software

Phenom Software

Automated and market-specific software solutions. The Phenom Pro Suite has been developed to enable Phenom users to extract maximum information from images made with the Phenom desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The software is installed on a monitor-mounted PC, leaving the ...
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  1. Phenom Pro Suite Screenshot

    Phenom Pro Suite Full Upgrade

    Phenom Pro Suite Applications include:

    • 3D Roughness Reconstruction
    • Porometric
    • Fibermetric
    • Particlemetric
    • Automated Image Mapping
    • Tilt and Rotation
    • Remote UI
    • Eucentric Stage
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  2. Phenom PoroMetric Software

    Phenom PoroMetric Software

    • Acquire images directly from the Phenom
    • Correlate pore features such as area, aspect ratio, major and minor axis
    • Fast and convenient operation improves workflow and makes scheduling simple and predictable
    • Image collection is limitless as digital files are easily stored on a network or USB disk for data sharing, communication, or later reference
    • Statistical data with high-quality images
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  3. Overview processed images

    Phenom ParticleMetric Software

    Fast inspection of a wide range of particle and powder samples:

    • Integrated software in Pro Suite for online and offline analysis
    • Correlating particle features such as diameter, circularity, aspect ratio and convexity
    • Creating image datasets with free available Automated Image Mapping
    • Advanced detection algorithm with default settings for non expert user and advanced settings for experts
    • Statistical data with high-quality SEM images
    • Intuitive user interface
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  4. Phenom Elemental Mapping Software

    Phenom Elemental Mapping Software

    • Fast and reliable information on the distribution of elements within the sample or the selected line
    • Easily exported and reported results
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  5. 3D Roughness Screenshot

    Phenom 3D Roughness Reconstruction Software

    • Intuitive user interface, maximum employability
    • Intuitive fully automated user interface
    • Based on ”shape from shading” technology, no stage tilt required
    • Fast reconstruction
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  6. Fibremetric Software

    Phenom Fibremetric Software

    • Save time by automated measurements
    • Fast and automated collection of all statistical data
    • Export all collected data, either statistically or as a raw data-file
    • View and measure micro and nano fibers with unmatched accuracy
    • Real-time Phenom Pro & ProX operation
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  7. Phenom Programming Interface (PPI)

    Phenom Programming Interface (PPI)

    • PPI works by connecting a pc or laptop to the network-outlet of the Phenom
    • Use standard programming languages as C#/.NET clients and Python and C++ for writing scripts and programs
    • The Phenom system setup accepts direct Linux based scripts, for other operating systems such as iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows a SOAP-solution
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