2020                 Firstly, good luck to all, thanks to our exceptional Health Care Service, the NHS, and let’s hope and work towards better years ahead for everybody. During the exceptional year of CoVID-19 and the national Lockdown, Lambda took the opportunity to upgrade its website and online store capability, by moving to the latest version of our website platform to ensure the best levels of security available and allow us to develop and improve the site and online cart in the future.

2019                 In order to further support our customers working in Life Sciences and Biomedical Research, Lambda working with Navitar provide comprehensive optical solutions for Flow Cytometry, Two-Photon Microscopy, DNA Sequencing and much more. For accurate testing, measurement and imaging, our customers need the best possible positioning and control to access their materials and devices. Lambda supply off the shelf and bespoke EverBeing equipment stages and accessories, providing the best value for money for DC, RF and Fibre Optic probing.

2018                 As Lambda develops its Microscopy offering for both Materials and Life Science applications, electron microscopy sample preparation experts, Fischione Inc, appoint Lambda as its technical partner for sales and service in the UK and Ireland. System examples include Plasma cleaning for cellular biology with Electron Tomography and electronic component surface preparation for TEM and SEM using Ion Milling techniques.

2017                 After 5 years employment at the company, the Managing Director acquires 100% of the shares of Lambda from Polytec. Lambda will continue its business as it has done over the past 40 years, in a professional and open manner providing expert advice and solutions for our customers and support for our principals.  In addition, Lambda will continue to be a business partner with Polytec, maintaining and servicing Polytec equipment located at customers in the UK and Ireland, and supporting companies looking to develop sales opportunities on a Euro wide basis.

2016                 Expertise does not happen overnight.  It takes many years of learning.  This can best be evidenced by the retirement of Adrian Harrison and Roger Traynor, having spent more than 50 years combined service at Lambda.  Lambda have recruited a number of years in advance of the planned retirements, in order to have as much succession as possible.

2015                 After completing a significant investment in our facilities and been thoroughly audited, Lambda secured a long term supply contract for a major international industrial company, to deliver components forming part of a complex vision system.  This requires monthly deliveries to a strict schedule and to a very high standard of quality.

2014                 Polytec GmbH, recognising the value in Lambda Photometrics, assume 100% ownership of the company.  Lambda settle all outstanding ownership of Physik Instrumente (PI), who are removed as shareholders.

2013                 Lambda release their new web-site making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for and to purchase over the web. With increased demand for electrical and electronic measurements in materials science and industry, Lambda broadens its portfolio to supply a range of test equipment from DC sourcing to complex signal analysis. Advanced “Vision” applications require greater frame rates and increased resolution.  Lambda introduces a range of cameras to meet the most demanding of applications with the latest connectivity and software available.

2012                 Lambda emphasise skills in the following applications areas:




Machine Vision

Test and Measurement

Lasers and Fibre Optics

recognising that customers have interests in at least one of the above applications and understanding how each of these capabilities complement one another.

2011                 Adding Raman measurement systems to our Spectroscopy range shows Lambda’s commitment to the process, pharmaceutical, biomedical, chemical, LED lighting and research communities.

Lambda strengthens its electro-optical capability by offering test systems for FLIR, SWIR and visible cameras, laser systems, electronics, and motion control.

2010                 Understanding that many customer applications require a detailed understanding of the surface of materials and devices, Lambda introduces the most advanced Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope, SEM, to the UK and Ireland markets.

2009                 To increase the Identification and Image processing product range, Lambda offer a comprehensive range of Industrial camera’s and vision sensors.

2008                 Physik Instrumente (PI) UK spun out of Lambda as a separate company, to further develop their nano-positioning and piezo stage business.

2007                 Increased success in the Automotive and Aerospace markets, leads Lambda to begin sales of remote sensing systems.  Using fibre-optic technology, allows customers to replace highly complex and lengthy set-ups, using traditional strain gauges, with a single fibre and test instrument.

2003                 Growth at process industry customers, coupled with the need to measure ingredient and compound quality, leads Lambda to release in line spectroscopy products.

2000                 Lambda enjoys rapid growth, with the rise of the communications customers technology changes and infrastructure investments.

1998                 Success with industrial vision and illumination projects within UK process industry guides Lambda to set up a separate Machine Vision group, focusing on supplying leading vision and illumination solutions for a wide variety of industries.

1993                 Polytec-PI GmbH acquire Lambda Photometrics, recognising the companies contribution to group sales, Lambda’s experienced group of scientists and engineers and their importance for future growth in the UK and Irish markets.

1981                 Lambda extend their “light” capabilities, by entering the market for the testing of Fibre Optic communication systems, driven by the need for increased bandwidth.

1977                 Lambda Photometrics Ltd founded by Bob Carless as one of the first UK & Ireland distributors of lasers, optics and related technologies. Distribution agreements signed with Zygo, Quantel & Stanford Research Systems, most of whom remain with Lambda today.  This shows the commitment Lambda has to these organisations applications and products, and the value these companies place in Lambda as an extension to their sales and applications engineering workforce.