[caption id="attachment_3071" align="alignleft" width="300"] Expanded frequency optical comb spectrum measured by APEX Technologies High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyser[/caption]

This paper shows the utility of the Apex Technologies High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyser AP2040/AP2050 series in the generation of a highly coherent multi-carrier signals. It consists on eight clearly resolved 10.7GHz coherent sidebands generated within 3dB of the spectral envelope peak and with an extinction ratio in excess of 45dB, by gain switching a discrete mode (DM) laser.

Thanks to the High Resolution Optical Spectrum Analyser, you can analyse the generated spectral comb corresponding picosecond pulse train at a repetition rate of 10.7GHz with a pulse duration of 24ps and a temporal jitter of 450fs.