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Phenom Pharos Wins Analytical Scientist Innovation Award!

The Thermo Scientific™ Phenom Pharos Desktop SEM has been voted second place in the Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2018! The microscope – which was introduced in August 2018 – is the flagship of the Phenom Desktop SEM product range.

The Phenom Pharos is the first desktop SEM solution from us that includes a field emission gun (FEG). It is easy to operate and incorporates an advanced hardware design for fast time-to-image and simple handling. A wide range of academic and industrial researchers now have access to the benefits of FEG in a desktop model, which can increase their throughput and result in high-quality images and resolution.

In addition to providing advanced detectors that can acquire high-quality images with magnifications up to 1,000,000 times, the Phenom Pharos microscope offers researchers:

  • Access to sharp, high-contrast images with resolutions <3 nanometers
  • An intuitive user interface that enables researchers to get a live image in less than 25 seconds after inserting the sample
  • High-resolution imaging that can be obtained simultaneously with analytical techniques

Potential impact

In the past, only highly-experienced scientists have been able to operate and benefit from FEG- equipped scanning electron microscopes (SEM), but Phenom Pharos brings the benefits of FEG to users with different experience levels; it is easy to use, and installation can be done without the need for special room requirements. Installation is fully automated and once initialised, the user interface enables researchers, students and operators alike to analyze images and corresponding details at the nanoscale, from visualising multiwall carbon nanotubes to capturing high-resolution imaging of Ag nanoparticles.

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