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CI Systems Newsletter November 2020

CI Systems are pleased to introduce this review of new products developed over the past year; and what a year it has been! They have added well over 20 new products to their portfolio. With over four decades in the Infrared Electro-Optic Systems Industry, CI Systems have always sought new ways to better serve their customers by innovating, finding solutions and pushing the state of the art. Nowadays, with the COVID 19 pandemic disrupting lives and destabilising world markets, CI Systems are proud to continue business as usual, developing still more new products and making sure that even in the face of such challenges, their employees, customers and stockholders will be well-served, in the best CI tradition, for years to come.

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IRTS-L IR Threat Simulator for Air Crews

IRTS-L dynamically simulates the IR radiation profile of an approaching missile. The IRTS-L is a long-range electro-optical missile approach simulator for testing missile-warning systems and training aircrews.

System's highlights:

  • Dual/Single wavelength
  • Built-in optical zoom CCD and optional FLIR
  • Integrated LRF and video tracker
  • Configurable joystick for field operation
  • Motorised gimbal mount
  • Optional GPS time stamping.


IR WFOV Distortion Mapping Tester

The new WFOV Distortion Mapping Tester can be used by camera manufacturers to measure and map the distortion that dominates Wide Field of View (WFOV) cameras. They are a perfect solution for testing the distortion, resolution and focus of various optical imagers. CI Systems offers three models for the Visible, SWIR and LWIR spectral bands.


A Mobile IR Reference for your E-O Testing

An extremely reliable large area calibration source with the flexibility required for testing a broad range of IR based systems. The new High Temperature Blackbody SR-800N-35A-HT with 35” Emitter size is an Absolute Extended Area Infra-Red calibration source, providing excellence in stability and accuracy, as well as high uniformity. Now available with vibration and shock isolation for use in the field. Truck not included!


ILET-5 Short Collimator

The CI Systems ILET (Intermediate Level Electro-Optical Tester) family of test systems is ideally suited for performing I-level optical tests. ILET testers can be placed in a mobile test van and enable full testing of thermal imagers and visible light sensors, without recourse to D-level facilities. Basic configuration includes a collimator, a radiation source (IR or visible) and a target wheel.
The new ILET-5-2.0 Short provides a smaller size collimator, with a 5” exit aperture, 15” focal length, and 2.0° field of view.


Mobile E-O Tester

This CI Systems E-O Test System is designed to be mounted in a sheltered space, which can be transported on a truck for deployment and servicing of any electro-optic system including thermal imagers and LRFs. The system is mounted on a set of shock absorbers, protecting it in transit and whilst performing tests.


SR-800N Large Emitter Size, Low-Temperature Blackbody

The advanced SR-800N series of extended area blackbodies offers high-emissivity, high-uniformity emitter sizes of 14" & 16" for low temperatures starting from -40°C. The SR-800N Controller sets a new standard for accuracy and blackbody technology. The NIST-traceable temperature is controlled by an easily removable sensor.


About CI Systems

CI Systems has been a worldwide supplier of a wide range of electro-optical test and measurement equipment for nearly four decades. They design and manufacture a variety of products; from the world’s broadest selection of thermal and visible sources to sophisticated threat simulators. Their highly accurate blackbody radiation sources and VIS-SWIR based Integrating Sphere sources are used to build highly reliable and cost effective test stations. A large product line of reflective and refractive collimators is regularly used as the basis for turnkey electro-optical test stations capable of testing multi-sensor systems including FLIR, SWIR and visible cameras, laser systems, electronics, and motion control.