One of the truly unique features of the PHOTON RT spectrophotometer is the capability to run broadband measurements. The most sophisticated configuration offers an unsurpassed opportunity to qualify optical coatings continuously from 185nm in the UV to 5200 nm in the MWIR. 

Throughout EssentOptics business history, they have regularly set new benchmarks for broadband measurement capability. Since their first announcement of a 380-2500 nm configuration of the PHOTON RT many years ago, they have persistently looked for technical solutions, developed new technologies, and conducted tests to expand the spectral range of the instrument. Each new milestone they reached was a new challenge for their team. Each new frontier required more unique solutions.

Many of their customers consider the PHOTON RT a product-of-choice for coaters, especially for its world-record broadband measurement capability.

Shown below is an example of a single-run broadband absolute specular reflectance measurement of a gold coated mirror. Layer thickness exceeds 50 nm. Standard product settings were used.

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