Aspheric optics are commonly used in advanced optical systems, such as AR/VR headsets, surveillance systems and semiconductor applications, to minimize size, weight, and cost. Achieving the required level of performance requires stringent control in the machining and metrology of the optics.

One of the manufacturing tools used to make precision aspheres is a single point diamond turning lathe like those built by Precitech. Precitech goes to great lengths to control the environmental factors that could interfere with the production of high-quality parts. This includes parameters such as thermal drift and floor vibration. When it comes to mitigating floor vibration, Precitech integrates TMC isolators to ensure the best performance.

Likewise, when it comes to measuring these optics, ZYGO relies on TMC vibration isolation systems. For their new advanced Verifire™ Asphere+ interferometer, ZYGO chose a TMC solution using the industry standard Gimbal Piston Pneumatic Isolator. The isolation system is designed and manufactured in TMCs vertically integrated manufacturing headquarters in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Zygo Verifire Asphere+

The ZYGO Verifire™ Asphere+ is a metrology instrument used to measure the deviation from design and surface form of aspheric shaped optics. The system consists of a high resolution Fizeau interferometer for characterizing the surface and a linear displacement interferometer for precision monitoring of the Z-axis motion of the part stage. A combination of these interferometric technologies with a stable platform enables the ZYGO Verifire™ Asphere+ to provide accurate metrology on the production floor – allowing the user togain rapid feedback without disrupting the flow of production by moving to a metrology lab.

The ZYGO Verifire Asphere+ vibration isolation system was custom designed by TMC for this application. For stability, the system is designed with four legs to the floor. However, because the front of the system needs to be accessible to load and unload parts, the upper part of the vibration isolation system only has three supports to the tool. This leaves the front open for easy access. In addition, this design allows for a lower center of gravity, improving the vibration isolation.

ZYGO builds the world’s best non-contact metrology systems.

The floating height of each pneumatic leg is controlled by a mechanical control valve. By designing the support structure to attach to the ZYGO Verifire Asphere+ high up on the machine, the design lowers the center of gravity, improving the stability and vibration isolation of the whole system.

Another key attribute of the vibration isolation platform is the use of casters and leveling feet. While these might seem like minor features, they are very helpful in moving the system around and providing stability. The casters can be deployed initially to move the system to its desired location, with no need for a fork truck. Once in its final position the leveling feet are deployed to level out any inconsistencies in the floor. In doing so, the casters are moved up, so they no longer touch the floor. Years of experience with installations and rigging has led TMC to optimize ease of use designs such as these.

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