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  • European Master Distributor for Spectrum Illumination

    poytec_logo_RGBWe are pleased to announce that Spectrum Illumination have appointed Polytec GmbH as the European Master Distributor for their complete portfolio of LED machine vision lighting products. Lambda Photometrics Ltd is a subsidiary of Polytec, meaning that Lambda is the official UK distributors for the Spectrum Illumination product range.




    Please click the links below for specification sheets on the Monster range of products:  

    Back Lights

    Dome Lights

    Linear Lights

    Ring Lights

    Spot Lights

    Wash Down Lights

    ... and so much more


    A range of high intensity illumination systems designed for large working distances and large objects. For example, Dome lights in standard diameters are available up to 1 metre. Different designs, illumination wavelengths, lenses and diffusers as well as custom designs covers are readily available in the UK – from Lambda Photometrics.

    Our customers will benefit from expert lighting advice available from Lambda/Polytec engineers and a high level of supply chain reliability through generous stocking levels to ensure short delivery times.

    Lambda/Polytec have a well equipped Service Department in the UK for all service, support and integration issues, ensuring quick response times without time consuming overseas shipping.  For more information please  click here.

    Lambda offers a full range of components for all your machine vision needs including: cameras, frame grabbers, software and lenses, in addition to fully integrated systems.

    For further information please contact one of our Machine Vision sales/applications engineers on 01582 764334 or click here to email.






  • Baumer Introduces VisualApplets

    VisualAppletsIn an exciting new development Baumer have released insight into its first camera models of the LX series with integrated, application-specific image preprocessing. These will be available from the end of 2015. Integration of CMOSIS sensors with 4, 12 and 20 MP with a single GigE interface is planned. The functionality can be defined by the customer in a flexible manner. The FPGA programming is both  comfortable and efficient. Based on the development environment VisualApplets by Silicon Software.

    What does this mean? High resolution images can be taken for inspection during high speed inline processing. The VisualApplets allows data to be minimalised whilst retaining high quality examination of parts.

    A video is available on the Baumer YouTube channel. The official introduction is planned for the SPS Show in November 2015.

    For further information please contact one of our Machine Vision sales/applications engineers on 01582 764334 or click here to email.

  • Lambda appointed as UK distributor for greenTEG laser power detectors


    Lambda Photometrics Ltd is delighted to announce our new distribution agreement to promote the greenTEG range of products in the UK and Ireland, including laser power detectors, heat flux sensors, and customised sensor solutions for R&D and OEM customers.

    greenTEG has recently launched the gRAY® laser power detector family, enabling fast and precise laser power measurements in the power range from 100 μW to 50W. gRAY® laser power detectors are available as housed, mounted or compact bare die components and are well suited for integration into power meters, laser sources and systems where space is limited.

    The two key benefits of gRAY® detector technology are:

    • Sensitive to all wavelengths from the ultra-violet (190nm) to the mid infrared (15µm)
    • Fast response time; as low as 200ms

    These features have led to gRAY® power detectors being used to replace photodiodes and traditional thermopiles for laser power measurement.

    Click here for further information.

    To speak with a sales/applications engineer please call 01582 764334 or click here to email


    This appointment consolidates Lambda Photometrics’ position as the leading UK Distributor of Characterisation, Measurement and Analysis solutions with particular expertise in Instrumentation, Laser and Light based products, Optics, Electro-optic Testing, Spectroscopy, Machine Vision, Optical Metrology, Fibre Optics, Microscopy and Pulsed Xenon Light Systems.

    Based in Zurich, greenTEG AG is a new company exploiting the latest thermoelectric technology developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich). This technology is used to develop, manufacture and market detectors for use in Heat Flux sensing, Laser Power Monitoring, and Energy Harvesting applications.

  • Optics Metrology demonstration equipment at Lambda

    Lambda holds a significant inventory of demonstration equipment. The Optics Metrology group is no exception as it has Zygo Fizeau Interferometer, a Zygo Optical Profiler and a Savvy Optics Scratch/Dig inspector. In addition to these we will have the Essent Optics UV/VIS/MWIR Spectrophotometer for Optical Coaters on show at PHOTONEX again this year.

    Zygo VeriFire QPZ Laser Interferometer

    DSC00997_600Lambda’s demonstration 4” QPZ offers a bit more to users over the standard workhorse VeriFire XPZ system. Top of the list is the QPSI acquisition capability which allows the QPZ to acquire measurements in moderate vibration environments such as production floor metrology systems. This combined with a 1k x 1k camera and high power, long life stabilised He/Ne laser make for a production friendly tool. Add in the new Mx Software with many intuitive measurements set-up configurations and reporting as well as the familiar and simple QFAS (Quick Fringe Acquisition System) and you have a very useful measurement system.

    We also have a range of accessories to work with our 4” QPZ including Transmission Flats (4% and DynaFlect), 2 Axis Mount, f/0.75 Transmission Spheres, 5 axis Mount and Reference Spheres.

    Zygo Nexview 3D Optical Surface Profiler

    DSC01002_600The Nexview is the Zygo flagship optical profiler sporting all you should need to measure most surfaces with light microscopy lateral resolution. The Nexview can measure surfaces from super-smooth to very rough, with sub-nanometer precision that is independent of field of view.


    • Super-smooth surfaces using SmartPSI technology – simple and fast
    • Steep sloped surfaces
    • Steps and troughs
    • Large areas by field stitching
    • Thin transparent films
    • Surfaces in colour
    • Gauge capable – Reproducible and Repeatable results


    • Mx Software – 3D plots, slices, ISO 25178 surface measurement parameters
    • Regions – isolate and analyse individual regions within a measurement field of view

    We have a range of objectives and standards to cover most demonstration needs. This includes 2.75x, 10x and 50x objectives which are all parfocal in a motorised 4 position turret. Combine this with a 3 position motorised discrete zoom turret and we have the perfect demonstration tool.  We have further 1x, 2.5x and 5x objectives.

    The Nexview can also emulate the other NewView and ZeGage systems and so it is possible to effectively demonstrate all the Zygo Optical Profilers with the Nexview.

    The new ZeGage Plus will be at Photonex and available for demonstration - please bring your samples to test.

    SavvySeries_500x500Savvy Optics SavvyInspector SIF-4

    We have the SIF-4 system at Lambda. The SavvyInspector performs an objective measurement of scratch and dig visibility.

    The instrument is designed specifically to reproduce the conditions of an in-reflection visual inspection described in Appendix C of MIL-PRF-13830B, “General specification governing the manufacture, assembly, and inspection of optical components for fire control instruments.

    The SavvyInspector™ SIF-4 uses a 0.5 megapixel camera for standard surface imperfection measurements on flat optics such as windows, filters, mirrors, gratings, and prisms.  ISO mode is supported to a grade 0.063 or larger for general and coating imperfections (but not L-type imperfections).

    A higher resolution system is available and there is also a new motorised system which has just been released.  Fully automated systems may be possible for large volume applications.




    Essent Optics PHOTON RT UV-VIS-MWIR Spectrophotometers

    We will have a PHOTON RT Spectrophotometer with 190-4900 nm wavelength range and with built-in 220-4900 nm polarisers at PHOTONEX this year. Book your demonstration with us if you are interested.

    The PHOTON RT has been specifically designed to be used by optical coaters to measure their coatings. It does not require any additional accessories to make its measurements with the exception of a polarization beam splitting cube holder.

    Some Key Features:

    • Build-in broadband high-contrast polarisers covering 220-4900 nm wavelength range
    • Unique polariser configuration: S, P, S+P+(S+P)/2, random and user-defined S:P ratio for incident beam
    • Absolute specular reflectance measurement (R, Rs, Rp) for 8-75 deg AOI
    • Transmittance measurement (T, Ts, Tp) for 0-75 deg AOI
    • Built-in beam displacement compensation for angular transmittance measurement of thick samples at high angles
    • Unattended batch measurements of single and multiple samples
    • Determination of complex refractive index and layer thickness (n.k.d. parameters) for single-layer homogeneous coatings
    • Small footprint, (420W х 610D х 270H) mm

    Call Ken Middleton on 01582 764334 to book your demonstration at Photonex 2015, 14-15th October 2015, The Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Alternatively demonstrations of the VeriFire QPZ, Nexview and SavvyInspector are available at Lambda or on-site, please call to enquire.

  • Zygo Releases the ZeGage™ Plus Optical Profiler, Adding More Speed and Precision to Zegage Product Line

    zegage-plus-optical-profiler_500Zygo Corporation announced the introduction of the ZeGage™ Plus optical profiler, a full-featured instrument for the 3D measurement of surface topography and roughness. The system provides the same ease of use, vibration robustness and small footprint as the ZeGage profiler but with a higher level of precision, faster measurement speed, and an increased range of measurable surfaces and features.

    "The ZeGage™ Plus is the ideal instrument not only for precision machining applications but also for optical surfaces and precision microstructures that require sub-nanometer vertical precision," notes Eric Felkel, Optical Profiler Product Manager for Zygo. "Precision machining customers, who may have relied previously on stylus profiling, can now gain the benefits of fast, highly repeatable, non-contact area measurement by adopting the ZeGage profiler. Users of the ZeGage™ Plus model maintain that ability but with higher precision and a high-speed measurement mode for faster throughput."

    A High-Performance, Cost-Effective Production Profiler
    Manufacturers, who use the high-performance version of Zygo's entry-level profiler, will now appreciate the faster top measurement speed – which increases throughput – as well as the low cost of ownership. ZYGO's proprietary SureScan™ technology eliminates the need for a vibration isolation system, keeping down the total cost of operation as well the laboratory footprint.

    Operators also will be drawn to the system's ability to measure and analyze virtually any surface – rough or specular, transparent or opaque, high or low reflectivity. Competitively, the ZeGage™ Plus is a more tightly integrated system that is better suited for production applications than other non-contact profilers at its price point.

    The ZeGage Plus utilises Zygo's proprietary Mx™ software, for enhanced data visualisation and quantification of step heights, texture, and volumetric applications. This highly-optimised metrology software for data acquisition and analysis provides added capabilities for regions analysis and advanced patterns. ZeGage Plus profilers, with optional automated X/Y sample stages, have the added ability to combine overlapping measurements for the characterisation of larger areas.

    Magnification Objectives and Accessories Offered for Wide Range of Applications
    Zygo's wide range of highly optimised objectives provides the user with the ability to select the desired magnification and field of view without affecting height precision. Many of Zygo's extensive list of parfocal objectives can be used with ZeGage™ Plus profilers, from 1.4x to 50x, as well as 1x to 10x long working distance, and a 5x super-long working distance lens.

    To speak with one of our Sales Engineers call 01582 764334 or to email click here.

    Zygo Corporation, a unit of AMETEK Ultra Precision Technologies Division

  • We are recruiting a Field Sales Engineer who is a Non-Contact Measurement Specialist



    Polytec is the major supplier of Non-Contact Vibration Measurement Equipment.

    We have an opportunity for an experienced Sales Engineer to join our UK team, with specific responsibility for our range of vibrometry & surface topography equipment, manufactured by our parent company in Germany. The successful candidate will be expected to support existing customers, develop new customers and help spearhead the growth of this important area of the company's business.

    Applicants will ideally have at least 5 years sales experience, educated to graduate level in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent and be willing to take on a challenging and rewarding sales role.  While not essential, the ideal candidate will have previous experience of vibration measurement equipment or similar technologies. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, commercial awareness and expert use of professional CRM systems and Microsoft Office are also essential.

    Based primarily in our Harpenden office, the successful applicant will be part of a strong and successful technical sales team, with responsibility for liaising with customers, including customer visits, equipment demonstrations and technology presentations throughout the UK, the preparation of quotations and correspondence as well as providing telephone and email support pre and post-sales. The role involves regular travel within the UK and Ireland with occasional business trips overseas.

    Appropriate product training will be provided.

    A competitive base salary plus quarterly sales-related commission will be payable. Benefits include company car, private medical insurance, membership of a Company Pension Plan and Profit Share Scheme.

    If you are interested in this vacancy, please apply in writing, enclosing your CV to:

    Anne Fallon, Polytec Ltd, Batford Mill, Harpenden, Herts AL5 5BZ




  • New features and capabilities to the PHOTON RT spectrophotometer

    DSC_7719a_500Pioneering the Optical Measurement segment with the unique UV-VIS-MWIR PHOTON RT spectrophotometer, EssentOptics continues to work closely with its customers worldwide and add new features improving product performance, measurement results and day-to-day work satisfaction. The upgraded PHOTON RT was showcased at the Laser World of Photonics 2015 exhibition in Munich, Germany (June 22-25, 2015).

    Throughout extensive field tests with our customers, we continue to gather great recommendations on product improvements which are not always possible to see from our office. All feedback reports are carefully studied and most of them are realized in our recent product upgrades:

    1. Reduction of total measurement time for batch (multiple) measurements of samples with coatings at variable angles and polarisations with fixed angle step. With new software features, variable angle measurement with fixed step becomes even more easy. One can simply pre-set the required measurement sequence and let the PHOTON RT do the rest, unattended. The new feature is successfully used for a number of challenging optical measurement applications. Several of our customers use this feature to identify best performing angle of incidence for thin-film polariser. Another application required to verify optical performance of the broadband mirror within selected range of incident angles.
    1. In addition to the built-in very useful standard feature to select S, P or average polarisation state of the incident beam, the user can select now almost any S/P split ratio, such as, S:P = 10:90, 20:80, 30:70 etc. New feature offers increased opportunities to run measurements immediately with pre-selected polarisation ratio of the beam and provides vast data for deeper performance analyses of thin film coating.
    1. Colour selection for gridlines, background, spectrums etc.
    1. Saving of measurement parameters together with measurement results in xls and txt formats.
    1. Real time visualisation of wavelength position during baseline scan and measurement runs.
    1. One-click positioning of cursor on the graph at required wavelength.
    1. Improved signal discreteness algorithm offers better visualisation for low-signal measurements
    1. One of the most popular and useful features - Measurement Methods - is also improved. The user can create and save Methods as files in selected folders, and access them through standard pop-up window.

    We invite you to visit us at the Photonex 2015 and look forward to meeting you at our stand D10. Bring your challenging samples, and we will be more than happy to measure them right away.

    We are ready to amaze you with our unique UV-VIS-MWIR PHOTON RT spectrophotometer!

    Alternatively to speak with one of our Sales Engineers call 01582 764334 or to email click here.

  • EssentOptics is proud to announce successful completion of two important projects

    DSC_7716aEssentOptics is proud to announce successful completion of two important projects in the United States and Israel for the supply PHOTON RT Universal Scanning Spectrophotometers.

    The spectrophotometers where installed, commissioned and put into operation at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA) and Rafael (Israel).

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is presently the United States' leading research and development centre focusing on a broad range of aspects of national security. The laboratory also conducts research in the natural sciences field, such as energy, ecology, biology and bioengineering. The laboratory is also a home for the National Ignition Facility - large laser-based inertial confinement fusion (ICF) research device.

    Rafael is a leading advanced technology company in Israel addressing research, development and production of various defence systems, electronic warfare, computer systems, night vision devices, electro-optical and telemetry systems, etc. The company is one of the 100 largest defence companies in the world.

    The PHOTON RT spectrophotometer was selected by our customers meeting the new challenges for accurate measurement of complex optical components with coatings. EssentOptics was approved as a supplier of spectrophotometer offering a winning combination of features and capabilities not present in any other tools on the market today:

    • Record-wide wavelength range 190-4900 nm offered in a single instrument,
    • Measurement of the transmittance and absolute specular reflectance of optical sample without moving them ensuring data acquisition from the same point on the coated area at any time,
    • Unattended 0-75 deg variable angle measurement,
    • Unique S- and P- polarization measurement capability in the NIR-MWIR wavelength range (1,0-5,0 um).

    Click for further information: PHOTON RT Universal Scanning Spectrophotometers

    To speak with one of our Sales Engineers call 01582 764334 or to email click here.

  • EssentOptics present Photon RT spectrophotometer with new measurement features

    DSC_7717The new version of PhotonSoft program features advanced capability to conduct group measurements of single and multiple substrates. Such function is of great value when determination of optimum angle of incidence for maximum optical performance is required.

    Example 1: Thin film polariser

    The thin film polarisers are often used to separate polarisation of incoming beam, e.g. laser beam. For appropriate operation of polariser, the light beam shall incident the surface at the Brewster angle (e.g., about 56 degrees to the normal position for BK7 glass). One of the important characteristics of thin-film polariser is the ratio of intensities of the transmitted p-polarised radiation to the transmitted s-polarised radiation - Tp/Ts. The higher the ratio, the better the polariser. In practice, one must set the angle of incidence accurately in order to determine this characteristic by adjusting the angle from about 53 to 59 degrees. Such multiple measurements can be easily carried out unattended even with a 0.1 degree step using the Photon RT spectrophotometer. All measurement results will be instantly saved as Excel files for further analysis. Using the measured data, one can knowingly determine not only the optimum angle of incidence, but also the range of angles and wavelength ranges corresponding to the best performance characteristics of polariser. To an even greater extent, this great feature will be useful to analyse broadband polarisers.

    Example 2. High-reflectivity mirrors

    This group of optical elements shall demonstrate maximum reflectance within a pre-determined wavelength range. For example, a typical requirement would specify reflectance (Rs, Rp) greater than 99,9% for 975-1175 nm at 45 degrees angle of incidence. For more demanding mirrors, an additional requirement would address not only a particluar angle of incidence, but a range of angles, e.g. 40-50 degrees, or 0-45 degres. Such measurements can be successfuly performed with Photon RT spectrophotometer and would require just 15-30 minutes to complete. No involvement of optical engineer is required, all measurements are performed unattended, so the user can invest her time in other projects or activities.

    These examples show new possibilities for measurements of optical components with PHOTON RT universal scanning spectrophotometer ensuring accurate, fast and time-efficient results.

    Click for further information: PHOTON RT Universal Scanning Spectrophotometers

    To speak with one of our Sales Engineers call 01582 764334 or to email click here.

  • Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

    Delphi_mainCLEM or Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy is not a new concept. Multiple techniques to unwrap the physiology and mechanics of organisms has been used for decades with a range of different images produced. The use of two diverse techniques utilising one microscope and one sample - that is different, it is unique and more importantly, it is here - the Delphi.

    Specialist microscope developers and manufactures based in the Netherlands (Delmix & Phenom) have worked collaboratively to produce an instrument that is able to produce 4 Channel Fluorescence Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscope images almost simultaneously. The samples are prepared to allow fluorescence images to be captured providing precise localisation of specific events and then SEM ultra-structures of the same sample. The resolutions of light microscopy and EM are ~200 nm and ~5 nm respectively.

    The overlay of images is user independent, fast and have an accuracy of sub 50nm. Removing the technical challenges of transferring samples between independent instruments and endeavouring to overlay them. Issues such as shrinkage, locating the region of interest and loss of features just don’t figure with this new technology. Time is spent imaging rather than fiddling with parameters. Sampling loading time.. 5 seconds.. Sample size.. up to 8mm diameter. A stage that is computer controlled with motorised X, Y and focus, and it is produced from a desktop system.

    The Delphi is currently at an Alpha site in the UK. We are strongly urging our customers to contact us for specimen preparation methods and to arrange for a selected number of samples to be imaged. This offer is open for a limited period only.

    For more information on the Delphi or for featured events and workshops, please visit here. For an introduction to the software visit YouTube.

    To speak with one of our Sales Engineers call 01582 764334 or to email click here.

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