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Phenom (G5) ProX Desktop SEM with EDX

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Product Code: PW-100-517
Manufacturer: Thermo Fisher Scientific

The new Phenom ProX is a complete desktop analysis tool, offering 150,000x magnification and easy to use EDS X-ray analysis. Although powerful, it also retains the super-fast load times and innovative user interface to produce high-quality electron microscope images with minimal training. Now with the option for secondary electron imaging.

  • 150,000x magnification, ≤10 nm resolution (BSE), ≤8 nm resolution (SE). 

  • Integrated EDS system for X-ray Elemental Analysis

  • Range of in-situ holders for SEM analysis (electrical feedthrough and temperature)

  • 30 second load time

  • Charge reduction mode


Point & Click EDS X-ray Analysis
The Phenom proX desktop SEM is the ultimate all-in-one imaging and X-ray analysis system, offering point & click elemental analysis. Unlike other systems, the Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) system is fully embedded into the Phenom proX system. Both X-ray detector and control software are fully integrated in one package.

Easy to Use Interface
Switching between software packages or computers is a thing of the past with Phenom proX all-in-one EDS X-ray analysis capability. The EDS software is fully integrated in the Phenom Pro Suite and offers advanced point & click element identification, confirmation and verification modes. The software provides full spectrum display and elemental composition with confidence of analysis.

Compact system
Phenom proX is the most powerful Desktop Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) available. It also features an improved 19” touch screen with the option of mouse control to provide the ultimate accuracy and performance. The Phenom proX is compatible with a range of application-specific passive sample holders, active stage options and includes Phenom Pro Suite

Easy to use sample holder
Phenom's easy to use sample cup holds the sample and positions it at the correct height for imaging. Once the sample cup is positioned and the door closed, the sample is automatically loaded and an optical image of the sample is shown on the touch screen. Time from sample load to electron imaging is less than 30 seconds!

Touch screen - never lost navigation
Phenom's innovative touch screen user interface lets you quickly produce high-quality electron microscope images with minimal training. The user can simply navigate around their sample by touching the areas of interest on the screen. The location cross hairs, highlighted area boxes and overall optical image of the sample provide the user with never lost navigation.

Control knob
The rotary control knob allows fast and easy adjustment of imaging parameters such as brightness, contrast and magnification. The control knob also allows the user a fast an easy way of navigating through stored images in the image archive. Combined with the touch screen interface, the rotary knob provides the user with greater control.


As critical dimensions continue to decrease in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, optical microscopes no longer have adequate resolving power to image these structures. With an ultimate resolution of 14nm, the Phenom Desktop SEM will clearly identify and compare the morphology of fine particles, powders or deposits for new formulations.

Micromachining & Micro Manufacturing
Micromachining and Micro manufacturing are increasingly used to produce structured layers, MEMS devices and micro structures, using lasers, etching and depostion or micro tooling techniques. With its  ≤ 14nm resolution and 130,000x magnification the Phenom Desktop SEM can image a wide variety of micro engineered surfaces and devices and provides the user with an on screen feature measurement tool.

Failure Analysis
Failure analysis is crucial in many manufacturing industries, and has become a vital tool used to develop new products and for the continuous improvement of existing products.
The Phenom Desktop SEM can be used either in Compositional Mode or Topographic Mode to image fractured or failed materails to help determine the cause of the failure.

Automotive Industry
The Automotive industry combines many advanced technologies such as micro-electronics, micro-tooling, sintered materials and novel metallic structures, all of which can be imaged on with the Phenom Desktop SEM. Automotive customers find the fast sample turn-around and ease of use essential when imaging their samples on the Phenom as part of their critical QA and R&D applications.

Stent Manufacturing
Stent manufacturers are continously improving their designs with increasingly complex structures to improve stent integrity and strength and also coating the stents with various drugs. The Phenom is perfectly suited to imaging both uncoated and coated stents. Stent samples require little or no preparation and the 30 second load time and ease of use ensures it is at home both in Stent QA and R&D applications.

Metallurgical Applications
The properties of many engineering materials are mostly governed by a combination of metal composition and the morphology and distribution of key microstructural features. These features can be observed with conventional optical microscopy. However, the Phenom exceeds the resolution of optical microscopes and eliminates the expense, delay and difficulty associated with operating a traditional SEM.

Paper Manufacture
Processing raw cellulose fibres into finished paper products requires sophisticated lab tools to evaluate paper composition, bonding properties, coatings thicknesses and surface uniformity. The Phenom Desktop SEM provides the extra magnification levels necessary to see paper fibers, fillers and coatings, and the depth-of-focus to clearly observe 3D surface phenomena.

The Phenom Desktop SEM can easily image a wide variety of forensic samples including gun shot residue, fibres, paint flakes, powders, pollen, bone fragments and epidermal cells. As the Phenom Desktop SEM is a true walk-up tool, forensic experts can investigate their own samples without out-sourcing to conventional SEM.

Insect Anatomy
The Phenom Desktop SEM reveals microscopic insect anatomical detail and inter specie variations, going far beyond what can be imaged with a conventional optical microscope, but retaining the speed and ease of use. It can provide high resolution images of these structures including compound eyes, ocelli, arolium, pulvillus, halteres, etc.

Micro Electronics
Imaging of micro-electronics, solar cells and other wafer-based samples is extremely easy with the Phenom, which has a Microelectronics Sample Holder. The Microelectronics Sample Holder utilises a unique clamping mechanism, which makes glue or other adhesives obsolete is completely non-destructive and ensures the sample can be reused after imaging.


Motorised Tilt & Rotate Sample Holder
Introducing the Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder for the Phenom Desktop SEM, which enables computer-controlled smart rotation and tilting of your sample. The Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder offers smart Compucentric Rotation at continuous 360° in 0.2° steps and smart p-seudo-eucentric tilt of -10° to + 45° tilt range in 0.2° steps.

Temperature Controlled Sample Holder
We are pleased to introduce the Temperature Controlled Sample Holder option, which allows the user to easily adjust and monitor the temperature of a sample in the SEM via a dedicated digital display. With a temperature range of -25°C to +50°C, it is perfectly suited to imaging wet or delicate samples in Biological, Pharmaceutical, Histology & Food Research applications.

Phenom Pro Suite Applications
The Phenom Pro Suite Applications enable users to automatically or manually process their images in an effective way, generating measurements and answers not just images. Pro Suite Applications include 3D Roughness Reconstruction, Fibermetric, Automated Image Mapping, Remote User Interface and Measure IT.

Charge Reduction Sample Holder
The Charge Reduction Sample Holder is an optional extra available for any Phenom which significantly reduces the effects of sample charging. The Charge Reduction Sample Holder works by reducing the pressure in the sample chamber, thereby significantly reducing sample charging effects that can be seen on non-conductive samples.

Micro Tool Holder
The Micro Tool Holder is a new type of sample holder that can be retro-fitted to any Phenom. Primarily designed for imaging micro machined tools and parts, it can clamp axial shaped tools with a diameter of 1 - 10mm and maximum length of 100mm and provides sample tilt of -10 to +45° and 90° rotation.

Micro Electronics Sample Holder
The Micro Electronics Sample Holder eliminates problems when trying to mount microelectronics. Its unique clamping mechanism ensures microelectronics can be mounted quickly and easily without the need for adhesives.

X-View Sample Holder
The X-View Sample Holder is designed to look at cross-sections of samples and uses a clamping mechanism that does away with the need for screws. It is suitable for a wide range of samples including thin coatings and paints, fractured surfaces, screws and machined parts.

Phenom Remote Assistant
Phenom Remote Assistant, or PRA, is a secure, user-initiated service enhancement, that allows Phenom World Service Technicians to remotely connect to your Phenom to check and diagnose problems. Phenom Remote Assistant enhances productivity by providing reduced time to repair, and increased reliability and up-time of the system.

Additional Information




Imaging module with built-in thermo-electrically cooled Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), 19" monitor, Rotary knob, diaphragm vacuum pump, power supply, USB 2.0 flash drive, Pro Suite PC with 19" monitor, keyboard & mouse
Thermo-electrically cooled (LN2 free) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
Detector active area 25 mm2
X-ray window
Ultra-thin Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) window
Energy resolution Mn Kα  ≤137 eV
X-ray processing capabilities Multi-channel analyzer with 2048 channels at 10 eV/ch
Max. input count rate: 300,000 counts per second
Hardware integration Fully embedded

Integrated in Phenom Pro Suite 
Integrated column and stage control
Auto-peak ID 
Iterative strip peak deconvolution 
Confidence of analysis indicator 
Advanced point & click element identification, confirmation and verification mode 
Confidence of analysis indicator

Imaging Modes  
Light Optical Magnification: 20x to 135x
Electron Optical

Magnification range: 80x to 150,000x

Digital zoom max. 12x

Light Optical Bright field/dark field modes
Electron Optical

Long lifetime thermionic (CeB6) source

Low, imaging, spot analysis and mapping mode, beam currents selection

 - Accelerating voltages

Default: 5, 10 & 15 kV

Advanced mode: adjustable range between 4.8kV and 15 kV imaging and analysis modes

- Resolution ≤10nm (BSED), ≤8nm (SED)
 Detector  Backscattered electron detector (standard), Secondary electron detector (optional)
Digital Image Detection  
Light Optical Colour navigation camera
Electron Optical
High sensitivity backscatter electron detector (compositional and topographical modes)
Image Format JPEG, TIFF, BMP
Image Resolution 456x456, 684x684, 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 pixels
Data Storage

USB 2.0 Flash drive


ProSuite PC

Sample Stage Computer controlled motorised X and Y
Sample Size up to 32 mm (dia) x up to 100mm (h)
Sample Loading Time  
Light Optical <5s
Electron Optical <30s
Dimensions & Weight  
Imaging module 286(w) x 566(d) x 495(h)mm, 50kg
Diaphragm vacuum pump 145(w) x 220(d) x 213(h)mm, 4.5kg
Power supply 156(w) x 300(d) x 74(h)mm, 3kg
Monitor 375(w) x 203(d) x 395(h) mm, 7.9kg
Temperature 15°C ~ 30°C (59°F ~ 86°F)
Humidity <80%RH
Power Single phase AC 110 - 240Volt, 50/60Hz, 300W (max.)
Recommended Table 150 x 75cm, load rating of 100kg

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