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Pico Technology PicoScope 6404D

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Manufacturer: Pico Technology
PicoScope 6404D 500MHz, 5GS/s, AWG, with probes

High bandwidth, high sampling rate

With 250 MHz to 500 MHz analog bandwidths complemented by a real-time sampling rate of 5 GS/s, the PicoScope 6000 Series scopes can display single-shot pulses with 200 ps time resolution. Equivalent time sampling (ETS) mode boosts the maximum sampling rate to 50 GS/s, giving an even finer timing resolution of 20 ps for repetitive signals.

Huge buffer memory

The Pico Technology PicoScope 6000 Series gives you the deepest buffer memory available as standard on any oscilloscope at any price. The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and hardware acceleration ensures that the display is smooth and responsive even with long captures. Other oscilloscopes have high maximum sampling rates, but without deep memory they cannot sustain these rates on long timebases. The 2-gigasample buffer on the PicoScope 6404D can hold two 200 ms captures at the maximum sampling rate of 5GS/s. To help manage all this data, PicoScope can zoom up to 100 million times using a choice of two zoom methods. There are zoom buttons as well as an overview window that lets you zoom and reposition the display by simply dragging with the mouse.

Huge buffer memory

Store up to 10,000 waveforms in the buffer

Store up to 10,000 waveforms in the buffer

Ever spotted a glitch on a waveform, but by the time you’ve stopped the scope it has gone? With PicoScope you no longer need to worry about missing glitches or other transient events.

With PicoScope you can divide the buffer memory into as many as 10,000 individually triggered segments.  If you manage to completely fill the waveform buffer PicoScope will use the first in, first out principle to ensure that the buffer always contains the latest waveforms.

Use the visual buffer navigator to scan through the segments, or use the mask limit tools to scan through, highlighting any that fail.

Arbitrary waveform and function generator

Arbitrary waveform and function generator

Every model includes a built-in DC to 20 MHz function generator with sine, square, triangle and DC waveforms. D models add a built-in 12-bit, 200 MS/s arbitrary waveform generator with a 64,000 sample buffer memory. You can import arbitrary waveforms from data files, oscilloscope waveforms or create and modify them using the built-in graphical AWG editor. 

Additional Information

No. of Channels 4
BW 500MHz
Max. Sample Rate 5GS/s

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