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Pico Technology PicoScope 6407

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Manufacturer: Pico Technology
PicoScope 6407 1GHz digitizer with case, no probes

High–speed data acquisition

The PicoScope 6407 Digitizer is a compact USB plug–in device that turns your PC or laptop into a 4–channel, high–speed digitizer. With a PicoScope 6407 you can easily digitize a 1 GHz  sine wave with a timing resolution of 200 ps.

Huge buffer memory

Your Pico Technology PicoScope 6407 digitizer has a memory depth of one billion samples. Other digitizers have high maximum sampling rates, but without the deep memory of the PicoScope 6407 they can’t sustain these rates on long timebases. Your PicoScope 6407 can sample at 5 GS/s  at timebases all the way down to 20 ms/div, giving a total acquisition time of 200 ms. If that’s not enough, the driver supports streaming mode for capturing unlimited gap–free data directly to your PC’s RAM or hard disk at over 10 MS/s.

The large buffer enables the use of segmented memory. Each captured waveform segment is stored in the buffer so you can rewind and review thousands of previous waveforms. No longer will you see a glitch on the screen only for it to vanish before you stop the scope.

Advanced triggers

As well as the standard range of triggers found on all oscilloscopes, your PicoScope 6407 offers a comprehensive set of advanced triggers including pulse width, windowed and dropout triggers to help you capture the data you need.

USB–connected. Why make things difficult?

Many digitizers use complicated — and often expensive — interfaces to connect the digitizer to your PC. The PicoScope 6407 doesn’t. Your PicoScope high–speed digitizer simply connects to a USB port on any compatible Windows–based PC or laptop. So there’s no need to buy a separate interface or waste time dismantling your PC to connect the digitizer. (The ability to just plug–in your digitizer to a USB port, along with the small size and weight of the PicoScope 6407, also means that you can take your PicoScope Digitizer with you — giving you access to a high–speed digitizer wherever you are.

What do I get?

  • PicoScope 6407 USB Digitizer
  • USB cable
  • Universal AC adaptor
  • Tough carry case
  • PicoScope oscilloscope software
  • Software development kit
  • Free software updates
  • 5 year warranty

More than just a digitizer

When you buy a PicoScope 6407 USB Digitizer you don’t just get a digitizer, using the power of the supplied PicoScope software you can use your PicoScope 6407 as a 4–channel, 1 GHz  oscilloscope with a voltage range of -100 mV to +100 mV. Alternatively you can use the spectrum analyzer function in PicoScope for recording measurements in the frequency domain. But that’s not all… Your PicoScope 6407 also includes a built–in function generator and an arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) with a 16,000 sample buffer.

Free software development kit

Your PicoScope Digitizer comes with a software developement kit (SDK) that includes drivers for Windows–based PCs and example code for various programming languages and third–party software such as LabVIEW. Using the SDK you can develop your own programs to collect and analyse data from the digitizer.

Why pay more?

Other companies may think that you should pay for high–end features such as mask limit testing, serial decoding, advanced triggering, automatic measurements, math channels, XY mode, digital filtering and segmented memory. We don’t, when you buy a PicoScope Digitizer everything is included in the price.

Power. Performance. Portability

With 4 channels, 1 GHz  bandwidth, 1 GS  buffer size and 5 GS/s  real–time sampling, a USB–connected PicoScope 6407 Digitizer gives you the power, performance and portability you need at a price you can afford.

Additional Information

No. of Channels 4
Max. Sample Rate 5GS/s

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