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ZYGO's Compass™ 2 metrology systems set the benchmark for automated, non-contact 3D surface metrology and process control for discrete micro lenses and molds critical to compact camera modules found in smart phones, tablets, and automotive vision systems.

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Production-Proven Technologies

At the core of the Compass 2 system is ZYGO’s Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) based optical profiler technology, which delivers industry-leading precision, versatility and speed for repeatable metrology and production process control. Unique to Compass™ and Compass™ RT are aspheric form and deviation metrology and relational / dimensional metrology of alignment features.

There are two models of Compass 2 systems available, depending on your metrology needs

  • Compass 2 – ZYGO's advanced solution for precision metrology of micro lens surface form, deviation from prescription, and relational/dimensional parameters. This is the ideal choice for applications that require the analysis of rotationally symmetric spherical and aspheric, geometrically truncated, and freeform surfaces.

  • Compass RT – A fast and flexible system for precision metrology of micro lens relational/dimensional parameters, plus general profilometry applications. This is the ideal choice when form deviation metrology is not required.

Form and Deviation

  • Full surface, non-contact, 3D mapping of surface form for spherical, aspherical, and freeform lenses and molds with sub nanometer precision

  • Advanced analysis of form deviation from design prescription

  • Data integration with diamond turning machines for surface correction

Relational/Dimensional Metrology

  • Quantitative metrology and inspection of mechanical design features on single or dual-sided lens elements including Datum to Datum and Lens-to-Datum Characterizations




Measurement Technique






Scanner Objectives



Objective Mounting Field Zoom Lenses


Field of View Illuminator


Measurement Array Z-Drive (Focus) Stage

Part Stage Sample Holder


Vibration Isolation

Non-contact, three-dimensional, coherence scanning interferometry with field stitching

Optical surface form and texture; optical surface deviation from design; relational metrology of mechanical and datum features

Closed-loop piezo-based, with highly linear capacitive sensors

2.5X for relational / 20X for surface (typ); 10X and 50X optional for surface; See the Nexview & NewView Series Objective Chart for more details

Motorized 4-position turret Motorized 3-position encoded zoom

•  0.5X, 0.75X, 1.5X included Objective and zoom selectable

Single white-light LED with long life, uniform imaging and high efficiency

Selectable: 1408 x 1408, 1024 x 1024 100 mm range with 0.1 µm resolution 5-axis containing X, Y, Pitch, B, C,

Vacuum Chuck for flat base pin tooling and Universal adhesive lens holder included

3D pneumatic isolation legs included Active solution optional






System & encl: ~160 x 116 x 106 cm Electronics Rack: ~138 x 61 x 96 cm Typ. Footprint (WD): 185 x 172 cm

System & Encl: 820 kg Electronics Rack: 76 kg

Utility Requirements

Input Voltage

Compressed Air for


100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

4.1 to 5.5 bar (60 to 80 psi); dry and filtered; 6 mm OD hose input

Environmental Requirements



Change Humidity

Floor / Acoustic Vibration limits

20 to 23°C with +/- 0.1°C stability

*required for performance to specification


<0.2°C per hr and <1°C per 24 hr

*maximum allowed thermal change


5 to 95% relative, noncondensing


VC-C or better / NC-30 or better

Test Part Characteristics

Sample Types




Material Geometries

High-precision glass or plastic injection molded lenses and optical devices, diamond-turned molds. with a CA < 8 mm for form and CA < 6.4 mm for relational

Uncoated metal, glass, and plastic w/ reflectivity between 0.05% - 100%

Continuous and rotationally symmetric spheres, gullwings, pancakes, and other asphere shapes plus freeforms

Specification Description

Target performance 1s reproducibility

Aspheric Surface

Form Error

0.010 µm (RMS), 0.030 µm (PV)

Aspheric Surface


0.005 µm (Sa)

Lens Height

0.17 µm

Tilt Control Interlock


0.02 µm

Side1- Side2 Concentricity

0.1 µm

A1-A2 Concentricity

0.25 µm

Lens Concentricity

to Interlock

0.16 µm

Interlock Diameter

0.05 µm

Thickness at Center

0.34 µm

Tilt Control Interlock


10 arc sec

Tilt Control Interlock


0.24 µm

Measurement Modes

3D Form & Texture

Full area topography, waviness, and texture (tooling marks, artifacts, etc.) measurement defined by:

●  OpticStudio & CODE V prescription


●  Unknown surface tracking

Form Deviation

Full area deviation map when lens is measured using a surface equation

Production Form Deviation Mode

Ring-spoke form deviation method for increased throughput with reduced data density


Flatness, thickness, and centration of lens surface to mechanical datums. Capability is surface dependent


Performance specifications under laboratory conditions using standard specimens, according to ISO 25178-601, 25178-604 and 5436-1.

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