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The ZYGO Nexview™ 650 metrology system is an inspection tool for automated measurement of injection molding tooling, PCBs, glass panels and other samples requiring an extended work volume up to 650 x 650 mm. It provides 2D & 3D measurements of a variety of surface features with sub-nanometer vertical precision and sub-micron lateral precision.

Powerful Performance
Coherence Scanning Interferometry (CSI) is the measurement technology at the core of the ZYGONexview™ 650 system.

This non-contact technique provides high-precision, and high-value surface metrology benefits including:

  • Measures virtually all types of surfaces, from rough to super smooth, including thin films, steep slopes, and large steps.
  • Sub-nanometer measurement precision is independent of field magnification
  • Gage capable performance - exceptional precision and repeatability for the most demanding production applications.
  • SureScan™ vibration tolerance technology - robust operation in virtually any environment.
  • Mx™ software enables seamless data exchange with other ZYGO Profilers including ZeGage™ Pro, NewView™ 9000, and Nexview™ NX2.



ZYGO P/N  6306-0360-04 system with full enclosure6306-0360-05 system with 1/2 height
Measurement Technique 3D coherence scanning interferometry, SureScan™ technology
Scanner  Precision Piezo drive with Closed loopcapacitance gauge control andcrash protection
Objectives  1.0X – 100X magnification;
Standard and long working distance;
See the Nexview & NewView 9000 Series
Objective Chart for more details
Objective Mounting Options Single objective dovetail
Manual Encoded 4-position turret
Motorized 4-position turret
Optical Zoom  Motorized 3-position encoded zoom
• 0.5X, 1.0X, 2.0X included
• 0.75X, 1.5X optional
Field of View  Objective and zoom selectable from
0.04 x 0.04 mm to 17.49 x 17.49 mm;
Integrated field stitching for larger areas
Illuminator  Proprietary solid-state white light source
with software-selectable field stop,
aperture stop and spectral filters
Measurement Array Selectable 1600 x 1200, 1000 x 1000,1000 x 600, 1000 x 200
Part Viewing  Selectable Monochrome imaging with
available fringe-free viewing mode
Focus  Motorized manual or auto focus with Part
Finder and Smart Setup Technology
Z-Drive (Focus) Stage  150 mm range with 0.1 μm resolution
Part Stage  Encoded linear motor drive with
650 x 650 mm XY travel range
Stage Configuration

Split axis gantry style; X-stage translates
Head; Y-stage translates the sample
Sample Holder  Custom vacuum sample holders up to
650 x 650 mm available
System Controller  i7 class PC with 1080P display
Software ZYGO Mx software running under Microsoft
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Dimensions (HWD)

System with enclosure:
166 x 140 x 164 cm
Weight System:1830 kg
System with enclosure: 1955 kg
Utility Requirements  
Input Voltage  100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Compressed Air for isolation 4.1 to 5.5 bar (60 to 80 psi); dry and
filtered; 1/4 in. input
Vacuum  Optional from a customer supplied source,
based on part stage requirements
Vertical Scan Range 150 μm with precision Piezo drive;
20 mm with extended scan
Surface Topography Repeatability(1) 0.12 nm
Repeatability of RMS(2 0.01 nm
Optical Lateral Resolution(3 0.34 μm (100X objective)
Spatial Sampling  0.04 μm (100X objective 2X zoom)
Maximum Data Scan Speed(4)

53 μm/sec @ 1600 x 1200
69 μm/sec @ 1000 x 1000
107 μm/sec @ 1000 x 600
171 μm/sec @ 1000 x 200
Step Height Repeatability(5 0.1%
Step Height Accuracy(6 0.3%
Test Part Characteristics  
Material  Opaque, transparent, coated,
uncoated, specular, rough
Maximum Sample Height

260 mm under X axis Crossbeam
329 mm under typ. objective focus
Maximum Surface Slope 55° – smooth part @ 100X
85° – scattering surface
Sample Reflectivity  0.05% - 100%
Environmental Requirements  
Temperature  15 to 30°C with rate of change
<1.0°C per 15 min
Humidity  5 to 95% relative, noncondensing
Vibration Isolation  Included and required for vibration
in the range of 1 Hz to 120 Hz
Vibration Criterion  VC-C or better
Acoustic Criterion  NC30 or better


Performance specifications under laboratory conditions using standard specimens, according to ISO 25178-601, 25178-604 and 5436-1.
(1) Surface Topography Repeatability for CSI mode, 1-sec acquisition, full FOV with 3x3 median filter, in a laboratory environment.
(2) Repeatability of the RMS surface roughness parameter Sq, under the same conditions as for (1). Note that the repeatability of the Sq is sometimes referred to informally as "vertical resolution."
(3) Lateral Resolution=Sparrow criterion, objective dependent.
(4) Data scan speed depends on the measurement array and data acquisition mode.
(5) 1- Step height repeatability verified using 1.8 μm and 24 μm ZYGO certified step height standards.
(6) Instrument contribution to uncertainty for step height measurements using the piezo drive.

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