Phasics offer a full range of measurement and imaging solutions based on innovative high resolution wavefront sensing technology; addressing the needs of laser engineers, lens manufacturers and cell biologists. Key application areas include laser beam profiling, lens testing and phase contrast microscopy.

Phasics products are based on their unique and patented “Quadriwave Lateral Shearing Interferometry” technology; developed to overcome the limitations of Shack Hartmann based systems. It simultaneously offers ultra-high resolution (up to 400×300 measurement points), high sensitivity and large dynamic range. Moreover, it is compact, achromatic and easy to use thanks to a direct set-up with no relay lens.

Phasics core competency stands in wavefront measurement and analysis. For each application, an expert software package delivers a complete analysis, making the most of the high resolution wavefront measurement. With a strong customer focus, the Phasics R&D team keeps on developing innovative features as well as customising standard configurations to customers’ requests.

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  • Phasics Adaptive Optics

    Accurate Wavefront Correction with any deformable mirror. Phasics adaptive optics loop achieves the finest possible correction, up to last parabola aberration removal, thanks to the combination of their high resolution wavefront sensor and the deformable mirror device that best fits your set-up. An insightful support resulting from many years of experience is provided from the loop design to its installation.

  • Phasics Kaleo MTF Measurement Station

    Automated test instrument for alignment & optical quality measurement.

  • Phasics Kaleo MultiWAVE

    Kaleo MultiWAVE polychromatic interferometer. Unique interferometer. Wave front error at several wavelengths.

  • Phasics Laser Beam Analysis

    High resolution wavefront measurement. Based on a patented technology, Phasics wavefront sensor simultaneously provides both phase and intensity maps of unrivalled high resolution. It combines to the SID4 software to deliver a complete diagnostic of the laser beam: wavefront aberrations, laser beam parameters, beam profiles, M2 beam quality parameter… It is compact and it easily positions at any point of the laser chain as it directly measures diverging beam.

  • Phasics Laser Optics Testing

    Phasics wavefront sensor makes easy the characterization of telescopes, mirrors and any optics used in laser facilities. It delivers aberrations, PSF, Sthrel ratio, phase RMS, beam profiles or surface shape based on a high resolution wavefront measurement. Measured aberrations can then be automatically removed of further measurement. The solution applies to any optics of any wavelength, including beam expander, large mirror, flat optics. Their wavefront sensor is even more easy-to-use when it is coupled with the R-Cube, their high quality illumination unit dedicated to double-pass measurement.

  • Phasics Plasma & Gas Density Measurement

    Using high resolution phase imaging SID4 density is a straightforward and highly sensitive solution for neutral gas and plasma density measurement. It relies on an direct phase shift measurement with our ultra high resolution wavefront sensor, the SID4 HR.