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Phasics Kaleo MTF Measurement Station

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Automated test instrument for alignment & optical quality measurement.

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Phasics innovative solution delivers the most complete lens characterization: off-axis MTF and wavefront error at multiple wavelengths. It benefits from Phasics patented technology to provide accurate results even for large Field of View (FoV). Kaleo MTF instrument is ideally suited for measuring small sets of objectives. It can be used by operators or R & D engineers to validate the design and prototyping phases. Phasics solution provides complete output from a single acquisition.


  • Single shot measurement
  • MTF measurement up to cut-off frequency
  • Accuracy similar to interferometry
  • High quality collimated source
  • No need to realign for off-axis measurement
  • Cost effective solution
  • Several different wavelengths (RGB + IR by default)
  • Measure at several azimuths
  • Autofocus
  • Fully automated measurement process
  • Easy alignment & versatile application


  • On-axis & Off-axis MTF
  • Through focus MTF
  • Transmitted wavefront error
  • Zernike polynomials
  • Lens parameters: EFL, F#
  • OPD in the lens exit pupil
  • Astigmatism
  • Image distortion
  • Field curvature
  • Relative illumination curve


  •  Possibility to select wavelength, field angles, number of iterations (for repeatability assessment)
  • Real-time display of relative illumination and intensity
  • Setting database

Optical set up

Finite to infinite configuration

Wavelength range

400-1100 nm / 900-1700 nm / 3-5µm / 8-14µm

Entrance pupil diameter

Up to 8.8 mm


> 1.8 mm

Flange focal length

8 to 30 mm

Focal length range

5 to 500 mm

Field of view

Up to ±120°

MTF on-axis

Accuracy <1%* - Repeatability <0.5%*

MTF off-axis

Accuracy <2%** - Repeatability <1%**

MTF accuracy

LWIR ±0.02 / MWIR ±0.03 / SWIR ±0.01 / Visible ±0.02

MTF repeatability

LWIR & MWIR ±0.015 SWIR & Visible ±0.01


Accuracy <0.5% - Repeatability <0.05%

Field curvature

Accuracy <5µm - Repeatability <1µm

OPD (optical path difference) on-axis

Accuracy 20 nm RMS - Repeatability <5 nm RMS

* This specification is obtained for optics, measured at 660nm for 3 frequencies and a chief ray angle below 8°
** This specification is given over the whole field of view


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