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Phasics Kaleo MultiWAVE

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  • Phasics Kaleo MultiWAVE
  • NBP-780 filter – The difference of RWE between the 2 measurements on the same pupil is below 40 nm PtV

Phasics Kaleo MultiWAVE

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Product Code: 64035
Manufacturer: Phasics

Kaleo MultiWAVE polychromatic interferometer. Unique interferometer. Wave front error at several wavelengths.

The Phasics KaleoMultiWAVE bench is a unique instrument that delivers wave front error at multiple wavelengths. Optics such as lenses, filters or mirrors can be characterised at their working wavelength. The KaleoMultiWAVE works at different wavelengths to perform qualification of the optics and coating at the working wavelengths of the coating.

The KaleoMultiWAVE bench is an advantageous alternative to the purchase of several interferometers, the system offers a measurement accuracy comparable to interferometry.

The bench offers a superior accuracy similar to interferometry and a very great dynamics over large diameter.

Measurement are done in double pass, either in transmission or reflection.

Polychromatic Interferometer:
Multiple wavelengths on the same bench

  • Standard: 625nm – 780nm – 1050nm
  • Custom wavelengths on demand: UV – 400-1100nm – SWIR

High Dynamic Range: 
More than 20µm PtV

  • 10 µm PtV dynamics over large diameter
  • Highly aberrated wave front measurement 

Upper Precision:
Interferometric level

  • Accuracy similar to interferometer
  • Very high repeatability
  • Very low noise


  • Surface measurements
  • Coating (AR, Dielectric, Metallic)
  • Interference filter


  • Optical manufacturers
  • Filter manufacturers
  • Space & Defense
  • Automotive


  • Compliant with ISO 5725 standard
  • MetroPro format compatible
  • ISO 10110 format available

Additional Information


Double pass

Standard Wavelengths

625 / 780 / 1050 nm

Custom Wavelengths

400 to 1100 nm

Clear Aperture

5.1" (130 mm)

Repeatability (ISO 5725)

<5 nm RMS

Reproducibility (ISO 5725)

<7 nm RMS

Dynamics (Defocus) RWE

10µm PtV

Dynamics (Defocus) TWE

200 nm RMS

Accuracy (RWE)

<80 nm RMS

Accuracy (TWE)

<20 nm RMS

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