Precision Vibration Control Systems

Precision Vibration Control Systems

Precision Vibration Control Systems

Precision vibration control to enable the most precise measurements. Passive or/and active vibration isolation for CSI Optical Profilers, Interferometers and interferometry, SPM, AFM, STM, relative and absolute position metrology, confocal and more.
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  • TMC CleanTop Optical Table Performance Series

    Industry-leading performance resulting from the highest core density and smallest honeycomb cell area in an all-steel construction. Three performance levels and multiple options available. 

    • All steel construction – No particle board sidewalls or plastic layer between top skin and honeycomb core. Assures maximum strength and structural integrity.
    • Smallest core cell size, highest core density – The CleanTop design does not require enlarging the steel honeycomb core cell size because CleanTop cups are cylindrical, not conical as found in plastic layer designs. CleanTop's average cell size of 0.5 in.(2) is at least 50% smaller than that achieved with plastic layer designs assuring the highest stiffness and greatest core-to-skin bonding contact area.
    • Steel to steel to steel – CleanTop achieves a spill-proof core with only two bonding layers: top skin to core and core to bottom skin. Imitations must add a third bonding layer which weakens the structure: top skin to plastic layer, plastic layer to core, and core to bottom skin.
    • Thermal stability – The CleanTop all steel construction assures materials of identical coefficient of thermal expansion ensuring optimal thermal stability.


  • TMC CleanBench Laboratory Table

    Vibration isolated lab equipment tables for a wide range of applications including scanning probe microscopy, confocal microscopy, interferometry and optical metrology.

    • Unique new table-top design (patent pending) combines the best features of TMC's CleanTop steel honeycomb tops with our ultra-stiff, damped, layered platform design.
    • Greater stability, especially for small size tables. The low profile, high density tops lower the overall floating center-of-mass ensuring inherently stability, even for relatively top-heavy payloads.
    • Guided thread lead-ins to align screws with tapped holes. The "bevel" shape eases engagement of the first thread.
    • Ergonomics optimized for the seated user by minimizing the thickness of the table-top. Other designs either offer 100 mm, 4 in. thick tops which awkwardly separate knees and elbows or sacrifice essential mass by offering a 50 mm, 2 in. thick honeycomb top which does not have adequate massfor effective vibration isolation, especially for smaller table sizes.

  • TMC Everstill Active Benchtop Isolator

    • Superior low frequency performance – Starts to isolate at 0.7 Hz. Dramatic vibration cancellation, especially in the critical 1-10 Hz range
    • Patented active vibration cancellation technology – Ideal for small, lightweight, ultra-precision instruments
    • Active hard-mount – No air. Robust plug and play design
    • Advanced Vibration sensor technology – Incorporates geophone type velocity sensors for sub-Hz performance. Better low frequency sensitivity than accelerometers.
    • Gainmatch™ (patent pending) to optimize performance – A switch allows users to easily choose between 3 gain settings. This ensures maximum vibration cancellation with assurance of stability for different user environments.
  • TMC CleanBench High-Capacity

    • Vertical and horizontal vibration isolation starting at 2 Hz
    • Reduces vibration by more than 95% at 10Hz
    • Virtually free of friction, avoiding rolling friction to static friction transitions
    • Accommodates horizontal displacement by acting as a gimbal
  • TMC STACIS III Vibration Cancellation System

    Designed to filter out floor motion using inertial vibration sensors and piezo actuators with complex control algorithms. Can be used in series with air damped supports to completely cancel environmental vibration at low and high frequencies.

    • Hundreds of times stiffer than air isolators – STACIS suffers from none of the limitations of air vibration isolation systems. There is no "soft" suspension and, unlike active air systems, STACIS can be placed beneath a tool with an internal active air isolation system with both systems fully optimized.
    • The unique serial design and proprietary high-force piezoelectric technology –  results in a wide active bandwidth from 0.6 Hz to 150 Hz and unmatched, truly active vibration isolation with 90% vibration reduction starting at 2 Hz.
  • TMC Multi-Purpose Acoustic Enclosures

    • Steel exterior with powder-coat finish
    • Acoustic attenuation, up to 40 dB
    • Enclosure compatible with TMC line of active and passiveTableTop™ vibration isolation systems
    • Hinged side panels, glass window, and caster
    • Self-opening front panel retracts away from operator
    • Robust handle and latch ensure comfort and ease of use
  • TMC LaserTable-Base Active Piezoelectric Vibration Cancellation

    Air damping combined in series with STACIS active Piezo damping for the ultimate in high and low frequency vibration cancellation. Ideal for the most critical laser applications.

    • Incorporates patented STACIS® technology
    • Active inertial vibration cancellation system
    • Vibration cancellation starts below 1 Hz
    • Extended stroke piezoelectric actuators, up to 60 microns.
    • 6 active degrees-of-freedom
    • Consists of two isolation systems in series for maximum vibration isolation
    • Incorporates patented MaxDamp® Air Isolators
    • Simple, robust and cost-effective
    • Optional shelves for mounting equipment under the table
    • Includes TMC's DC-2020 Digital Controller
  • TMC CleanBench Aktiv

    • Patented Everstill technology. Serial type active architecture achieves vibration cancellation starting at 0.5 Hz.
    • Hybrid design with two stages of isolation. MaxDamp air isolators supported by Everstill. The performance of the two stages is additive.
    • Advanced vibration sensor technology. Incorporates geophone type velocity sensors for sub-Hz performance. Better low frequency sensitivity than accelerometers.
    • Ease of installation and setup featuring retractable casters and a roll-off crate.
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8 Items