Collimator & FLIR testers

Collimator & FLIR testers

Collimator & FLIR testers

We provide a wide range of small, medium and large aperture collimators, modular EO test stations and FLIR testers for defence applications. A typical test station consists of an extended area blackbody, IR target wheel and high specification collimator to provide fast and ...
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  • CI Systems CFT - Compact FLIR Tester

    CI Systems CFT - Compact FLIR Tester:

    • Portable, compact and lightweighy
    • Motorised/manual (4) differential temperatures set by the user
    • Motorised/manual target wheel with five targets
    • Automated calibration traceable to NIST
    • Ethernet or RS232 communication for temperature and remote control
    • Full MRTD testing with a PC interface (optional)
  • CI Systems Compact LUPI - Laser Unequal Pathlength Interferometer

    CI Systems Compact LUPI Laser Unequal Pathlength Interferometer:

    • Portable, compact and lightweight
    • Fast and easy to operate
    • HeNe laser based
    • Wave-front analysis software included
    • Very small foot print
    • Simple calibration
  • CI Systems Compact NV-100 - Night Vision Google Test Set

    CI Systems Compact NV-100 - Night Vision Google Test Set:

    • Field and depot level tester
    • Mil-Spec quality test station
    • Self contained and portable test system
    • Eight performances testing for goggles, ANVIS, monocular & night sight
    • All essential tests for operational readiness & repair
    • Setting for Gen II & Gen III devices
  • CI Systems ILET - Intermediate Level E-O Tester

    Optical and boresight testing

    • Apertures of 2.5" to 8"
    • Focal lengths from 20" to 40"
    • FLIR & VIS camera testing and boresighting
    • MRTD measurement without a PC
    • Robust, athermal design
    • Portable & easy to use
  • CI Systems METS - Modular E-O Test System

    Modular EO test system

    • Apertures of 8" to 19"
    • Focal lengths from 40" to 120"
    • FLIR, VIS & Laser testing and boresighting
    • Semi-Automatic MRTD test
    • Fully automatic UUT test
    • Excellent optical quality 
    • Longer focal lengths are available
  • CI Systems OPTISHOP - MTF Station

    A few of the OPTISHOP advantages with the Video MTF configuration are:

    • Simultaneously tangential & sagittal MTF measurement
    • Measuring a system with a short and negative back focal length
    • Real-time alignment of zoom optics
  • CI Systems WFOV - Distortion Mapping Tester

    The WFOV Distortion Mapping Tester consists of:

    • An optical collimator covering a wide field of view
    • A light source (IR, SWIR or Visible)
    • A target containing an array of pinholes
    • CI Systems’ CTE software with algorithm for distortion mapping.
  • CI Systems WFOV - Wide Field of View Collimator

    Wide field of view IR test collimator

    • Combined with SR-800 differential blackbody & motorised target wheel
    • Portable and easy to use
    • Rugged construction with carrying handle
    • MRTD measurement without a PC
    • Automatic testing with PC software and AFT
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8 Items