Monozoom Microscope

Monozoom Microscope

Monozoom Microscope

Our monozoom microscopes offer a long working distance (35-117mm) as well enhanced image quality due to focused coaxial lighting. Each microscope can be configured to your needs and allows the benefit of binocular eyepieces and digital camera with a 1 : 7 zoom ratio.
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  • Baumer 1.5MP Camera VCXU-15C USB 3.0

    £453.00 £543.60

    Baumer CX series key features:

    • Up to 20 Megapixel and 891 fps
    • CMOS sensors
    • Camera temperature range up to 65°C
    • Bus powered via USB3.0 interface

  • EverBeing Monozoom Microscope with Coaxial lighting LWD

    The Monozoom microscope range fitted to our probe stations offers greater flexibility by combining the features of a traditional microscope with two eyepieces for live view and with a simple pull of the lever converts to a digital microscope whilst leaving the left eyepiece unaffected.

    Offering a 6.67 zoom ratio (1.5x-10x) it can be fitted with different objectives (0.75 to 5.0X) at the bottom to give 1650X magnification.

    See attached datasheet for table to give you the optimum field of view and magnification for your needs.

    Coaxial lighting stage offers the best image quality.

  • Microscope Calibration Slide, Four Graduated Scales 0.1mm, 0.01mm 0.15mm, 0.07mm

    £31.00 £37.20

    Optical glass grade microscope calibration slide with 4 calibration sections

    • 1cm scale (1 Division = 0.1mm)
    • 5mm circle with 1mm crosshairs with 50 µm squares in centre
    • 150 µm calibration dot
    • 75 µm calibration dot
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3 Items