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CI Systems VIS/SWIR Integrating Sphere Source

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Manufacturer: CI Systems


  • 8” diameter with 2” exit port
  • 12” diameter with 4” exit port
  • Manual, motorised or closed loop intensity control
  • Halogen, LED or Xe Lamp versions available
  • High uniformity over VIS-SWIR range
  • Integrated detector and easy to use  single-box controller

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The SR300 from CI Systems is a cost effective highly uniform integrating sphere for the VIS-SWIR wavelength range, providing uniform radiance for testing cameras operating over a wide spectral range. Available in two sizes (8 inch and 12 inch diameter), the unit is designed and manufactured by CI-Systems with a highly reflective internal coating. The system is able to produce >98% uniformity at the output port, providing an excellent tool for uniformity tests, detector response calibrations, noise equivalent radiance and more. Manual and motorised versions are available for continuously variable output, as well as closed loop feedback control using the built-in sensor and simple to use controller box.

With standard Luminance from 0.5ft-L to 1000ft-L additional ND filters can be added to provide low Intensity control for image intensified / night vision applications.

The SR300 integrating sphere is designed for both stand-alone operation and for simple integration into full test systems including collimators, target wheels detectors and fully automated test control software. Please contact us for a complete CI-Systems test solution.


  • 8” & 12” diameters available
  • Modular design
  • High uniformity
  • VIS to SWIR radiation
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Up to 4 ports
  • FL or W/sr-cm2-µm output reading
  • Easy to use user interface


  • SWIR Camera Test
  • Image Intensifier Test
  • Night Vision system Test
  • Daylight & moonlight source simulation
  • Integration into full EO&IR Test solutions


Sphere diameter 8” (200mm) 12”(300mm)
Exit aperture 2” (50 mm) 4” (100mm)
Light source  Standard: halogen, Optional: LED or Xe lamp
Colour temperature  2856÷K by default; other, optional
Luminance 1000 (ft-L) standard, up to 13,000 (ft-L) optional
Min luminance 0.5ft-L
Luminance Uniformity > 98%
Spectral range 0.44 to 2.2μ
Resolution  motorized control: 0.01ft-L ,manual control: 0.05 ft-L
Ports Up to 4
Detector type Default: Silicon detector Optional: InGas detector
Controller size & weight 350X233X125mm (5Kg)
 Sphere Weight 3.5Kg (8”) 5.5Kg (12”)
Line voltage: 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz
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