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Opto Alignment QuickPRO-CUBE™ Mini

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The QuickPRO-CUBE™ Mini enables measurement of both sides of optical components, either polished or ground surfaces in order to measure back to front Wedge Angle, TTV, Centre Thickness, Vertex Offset and Sag/Form error.

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By integrating a pair of single-point, non-contact, nanometer-resolution chromatic confocal sensors with high-speed, nanometer-encoded X/Y/Z co-ordinated motion, the Opto Alignment QuickPRO-CUBE™ captures simultaneous front, back and datum surface 3D point cloud topography for the geometric characterisation of single lenses or micro lenses in trays. The form invariant motion architecture permits measurement of both rotationally symmetric and more complex non-axially symmetric or freeform shapes to a maximum measurement diameter of 50mm (up to 75mm OD). For a lens, the total measurement time is from 30sec to 240sec per surface per lens, depending on the lens diameter and 3D point cloud sampling density. 

Measured geometric parameters include:

  • Front-to-Back surface Vertex Offset relative to defined centration datum
  • Front-to-Back surface Wedge Angle relative to defined tilt datum
  • Front-to-Back Total Thickness variation (TTV) and Centre Thickness (CT)
  • Front and Back surface Sag/Form error


The CUBE is specifically designed for factory-floor QA of polished, moulded, or diamond turned optical components, including optically opaque infrared materials and metals. An added advantage is the ability to measure multiple smaller lenses in-tray or lens arrays during a single measurement sequence. 

The CUBE is capable of measuring ground surfaces as well as polished, specularly reflective surfaces.

  • Compact, bench-top unit with environmental enclosure
  • Dual single-point, non-contact, visible-light, chromatic confocal sensors with 8kHz combined measuring rate
  • Vibration insensitive and dimensionally stable Invar metrology frame 
  • Nanometer encoded X/Y/Z coordinated motion with magnetic linear motors and cross roller bearings for fast raster or spiral scanning over 50mm (X), 50mm (Y), 50mm (Z)
  • Self-centring fixture with precision quick connect for fast load/unload
  • Fixtures for both single optical components (up to 75mm OD) and micro-lens trays 
  • User-friendly QuickPRO™ instrument control and data acquisition software for sensor optimization, auto-centring, data capture and coordinated motion sequencing
  • CalcuSurf-3D™ view and analyse software for multi-surface 3D point cloud data


Dimensions (L x W x H) 500 x 500 x 500mm
Weight Approx 30kg
System Controller Includes motion control, sensor control, power supplies, ethernet interface to PC
Power Requirements 110-220V AC, 50-60Hz, 1 phase, 2 amps (200V), 5 amps (110V)
Stage Travel (X, Y, Z) 50 x 50 x 50mm
Encoder Resolution (X, Y, Z) 5 x 5 x 1nm
Drive Type Magnetic linear motor
Bearing Type Cross roller bearing
Flatness Approx. 1μm/50mm
Max. Sample Size 70mm OD
Load Capacity 2kg
Technique Chromatic Confocal x2
Applications Distance, Centration, Wedge, Sag, Thickness
Sampling Point: up to 4,000 points/sec/sensor
Available Probes 0.2mm 0.4mm 1mm
Lateral Resolution 1.5μm 2μm 4μm
Working Distance 5mm 15mm 37mm
Axial Resolution 10nm 10nm 150nm
Acial Accuracy 50nm 50nm 500nm
Maximum Slope ±45° ±45° ±20°
Vertex Decentre (S1 relative to S2)* ≤2 micron
Wedge Angle (S1 relative to S2)* ≤5 arcsec

Sag Error (S1& S2)* up to 45°

≤0.5 micron

Total Thickness Variation (S1-S2)

≤1 micron

*Dependant on sample quality and 3D point cloud density

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