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ZYGO’s standard interferometer configurations support many types of measurement scenarios. Most interferometers can support a straight-through or right-angle measurement orientation and can be manufactured for operation in vacuum.

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Linear Interferometers
This unit measures retroreflector targets for tracking objects moving primarily in one linear dimension or rotating about a fixed point. ZYGO offers a standard and compact size linear interferometer to accommodate different system space constraints. Examples: Reticle stages, gantry systems, steering mirrors.

Plane Mirror Interferometers
This unit measures plane mirror targets for tracking objects moving in multiple linear dimensions with limited rotations. ZYGO’s plane mirror interferometers are designed for high stability to mitigate thermal error. Examples: Wafer stages, stacked stage systems.

Wavelength Compensator
This unit measures changes in the index of refraction for use in compensating other measurement axes. ZYGO’s Compact Wavelength Compensator provides high precision feedback of index change for best performance of displacement measurement in ambient conditions.

Complete the measurement system by routing the beam from the laser to the interferometers and ultimately to the measurement electronics. ZYGO offers a variety of standard fold mirrors, beamsplitters, fiber optic pickups, and fiber cables for flexible configuration of your measurement system.

Custom Interferometer Designs
ZYGO specialises in custom multi-axis interferometer designs for OEM applications. Custom designs allow for consolidated beam delivery for applications where space is at a premium. It also reduces the amount of time required to align the system allowing for faster integration during production.

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