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ZYGO ZMI™ measurement electronics calculate displacement using optical signals from the interferometers driven by a ZMI™ laser source.


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The ZMI™ 501A provides two axes of measurement in a convenient stand-alone enclosure.

The ZMI™ 2400, 4000, and 4100 series boards provide sub-nanometer resolution to service the most challenging position metrology applications. These boards can be modularly added in a VME chassis to provide scalability up to 64 axes of measurements.

For ultimate measurement precision, our patented Cyclic Error Correction option automatically and seamlessly eliminates  common non-linear errors intrinsic in DMI systems.

Model  501A 2400 4004 4104(C)
Number of Axes/Board    2 1 or 2 4
Board Type Enclosure  6U VME  6U VME64x
Minimum Optical Power 8.0 µW 1.9 µW 1.0 µW 0.07 µW
Position Resolution 1.24 nm 0.31 nm 0.15 nm
Max. Velocity ±0.475 m/s ±2.1 m/s ±2.55 m/s
Accuracy at Max Velocity (σ) 1.6 nm 0.5 nm 0.2 nm
Cyclic Error Compensation No Yes
Compatible Laser(s) 7705 7702, 7714, and 7724
Note: Specifications are for double-pass interferometers.



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