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APEX TLS-APBX & TLS-APX Tunable Lasers

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Manufacturer: APEX Technologies

Compact benchtop swept/tunable fibre coupled laser sources:

  • C+L, O and T-bands (1500-1630nm & 1520-1630nm, 1260-1360nm and 1044-1084nm)
  • Continuous sweeping from 5nm/s to 100nm/s
  • +13dBm output power
  • 55kHz Lorentzian linewidth
  • 45dB/0.1nm SMSR (typical)
  • USB, Ethernet, RS-232 & GPIB

Available as OEM modules.

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The APEX Technologies TLS-APBX series tunable laser sources are high performance external cavity Littman designs combining wide tuning range, high output power and high signal-to-noise ratio. Different wavelength ranges are available between 1000 nm and 1650 nm (C+L [1500-1630nm], O [1260-1360nm] and T-band [1044-1084nm]).

These systems can be supplied as OEM modules for integration into other equipment or as stand-alone benchtop versions. The benchtop instrument has user-friendly software, a touch sensitive screen, GPIB, ethernet , RS-232 and USB controls plus external triggering input/output.

An internal wavelength etalon and single or dual optical power meters are offered as options.

These high performance tunable lasers are ideal for use in optical component analysis, R&D Testing, Optical Measurement Systems, Optical sensor/component characterisation … and many more applications.


TLS different models:

TLS-APBX/TLS-APXModels Wavelength range (nm) Peak output power (dBm) Power max full span (dBm) Minimum output power (dBm)
TLS-AP(B)-T 1030-1075 11 8 -10
TLS-AP(B)-O1 1265-1345 15 9 0
TLS-AP(B)-O2 1265-1355 15 9 0
TLS-AP(B)-E 1345-1450 13 8 0
TLS-AP(B)-S 1445-1525 11 8 -10
TLS-AP(B)-CL1 1525-1607 10 7 -10
TLS-AP(B)-CL2 1520-1630 10 7 -10



APEX Technologies TLS common features:

Wavelength setting resolution 3 pm
Wavelength stability +/- 1 pm
Absolute Wavelength Accuracy* +/- 3 pm (typical)
Wavelength Repeatability* +/- 3 pm (typical)
Power flatness (step mode)  0.05 dB
Sweep speed** Adjustable from 5 to 100 nm/s
Fine tuning scan range (piezo control) 3 GHz
Power stability @24h +/- 0.2 dB
Power repeatability (step mode) +/- 0.05 dB
Dynamic power repeatability (Sweep mode @ 10 nm/s) +/- 0.01 dBm
Dynamic power repeatability (Sweep mode@100 
+/- 0.06 dBm
RIN -158 dB/Hz
Lorentzian Linewidth (Fundamental) 55 kHz
Linewidth (Integration over 1s)  280 kHz
SMSR 45 dB/0.1 nm
Signal to total source spontaneous emission ratio 50 dB

*Maximum accuracy of +/- 5 pm
** Maximum sweep speed of 100 nm/s for O band TLS

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