APEX Technologies

For over 15 years, APEX Technologies has focused on developing and manufacturing innovative ultra high performance test equipments intended for fiber optic telecommunications research. Since introducing the world’s first commercially available ultra high resolution Optical Spectrum Analyzer, APEX Technologies has also been dedicated to the continued development of the optical measurement area. Our experience means we know that innovations never cease, and we are driven by the "knowledge is power" policy in order to stay at the top of the advanced technology.

APEX Technologies now offers a range of sophisticated high speed optical test devices for use in the telecommunications industry, and in research laboratories worldwide, including Optical Spectrum Analyzers with the best ultra high resolution (down to 5 MHz/0,04 pm) you can find in the market and multi test platforms.

APEX Technologies introduced the world’s first commercially available Optical Complex Spectrum Analyzer (OCSA) in 2000 allowing the measurement of time resolved phase for all kind of modulated signal and has never stopped innovating. With more than 200 units sold in 30 different countries and its presence at major trade shows worldwide, APEX Technologies imposed itself in the telecommunication market as an innovative manufacturer of sophisticated high speed optical test equipment.

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