Sputter Coaters & SEM/TEM Carbon Coaters

Sputter Coaters & SEM/TEM Carbon Coaters

Sputter Coaters & SEM/TEM Carbon Coaters

Lambda offers low-cost, rotary-pumped sputter coaters for depositing non-oxidising metals - such as gold (Au) and platinum (Pt) - and turbomolecular-pumped coaters, suitable for both oxidising and non-oxidising metals, such as chromium (Cr). 
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  • Goldcoater.com LUXOR Gold Coater

    The LUXOR gold coater is a fully automated magnetron sputtering device to coat SEM samples with a conductive gold or gold/palladium layer. Easy to operate and with a robust and safe design, it is a second generation instrument, based on the working principles of the “mini-sputter coater 1”, of which multiple units have been installed over the last decade.

    • No operator training needed
    • Easy mounting and access to your samples
    • Coat up to 12 samples simultaneously
    • Small footprint
    • Easy and fast target replacement
  • Quorum Q150R Plus - Rotary Pumped Coater

    The Quorum Q150R Plus is suitable for use with Tungsten/LaB6 SEM and Benchtop SEM.

    Typical uses: 

    • Sputter coating of noble metals using the Q150R S & ES Plus:
    • Recommended for magnifications:
    • up to x 50k using Au, Au/Pd
    • up to x 100k using Pt (optional)
    • Carbon cord coating for elemental analysis using the Q150R E & ES Plus.
  • Quorum Q150T Plus - Turbomolecular Pumped Coater

    The Quorum Q150T Plus is optimised for use with a turbomolecular pump, which gives a lower vacuum down to 5 x 10-5 mbar. 

    The Q150T Plus is available in three formats: 

    •  An automatic sputter coater for non-oxidising metals (Q150T S Plus)
    •  An automatic carbon coater (rod/cord) for SEM applications (Q150T E Plus) 
    •  A combined system capable of both sputtering and carbon coating (Q150T ES Plus)
  • Quorum Q300T D Plus - dual target sequential sputtering for specimens up to 150 mm diameter

    Suitable for multi-layer sequential sputtering of two materials, the Quorum Q300T D Plus has two independent sputtering heads, which allows sequential sputtering of two metals without the need to break vacuum. The system is fully automated with user defined recipes controlling the pumping sequence, time, number of sputter cycles, and the current used during the process. Unlimited layers of varying thickness from two target materials can be sputtered sequentially by cycling between both targets.  When not in use the targets are shuttered for protection from contamination. 

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4 Items