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A table-top, user-friendly nanoparticle generator that is the basis of all VSPARTICLE products. With the VSP-G1, a stable and clean flow of well-defined pure nanoparticles can be generated, without the use of precursors and surfactants. Producing the desired particles becomes as easy as pushing a button.

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Spark ablation technology is a physics based process, generating pure particles in a very controlled setting, without the use of chemicals. VSPARTICLE co-founder Andreas Schmidtt-Ott invented the technology in 1988 and was then developed into an easy to use device. The spark ablation process used inside the VSPARTICLE VSP-G1 is a purely physical process that only requires electricity, a carrier gas and electrode material to produce clean nanoparticles. No additional chemicals are required for the production or to stabilise the particles in the aerosol. The produced nanoparticles can be directly incorporated into the next process step or applied in a product by, for example, impaction, electrostatic precipitation or filtering. This way the unique physical properties of the nanoparticles are directly available in the product. The carrier gas can simply be recirculated, minimising the environmental impact of the process.

Key benefits:

  • Very small particles 0 – 20nm 
  • Pure particles, no surfactants 
  • Material versatility: all (semi) conductive materials, metal oxides, carbon. 
  • Mix & Match: combine pure source materials, alloys and mixes 
  • High stability, 98% in long term experiments 
  • High concentration. Output up to 20mg/hour 
  • Ease of use, tune output with just a few settings
  • Reproducible output by using the same settings 
  • Mimics real world 
  • Atmospheric pressure and room temperature 
  • Single particles, high surface area 
  • Air as carrier gas possible 
  • Physiological realistic testing 
  • Compatible with air liquid interfaces like Vitrocell 

Mix and match materials

Material versatility is key to prepare model catalyst samples, VSPARTICLE's technology enables you to change the material easy and fast thanks to the use of electrodes. This allows the creation of particles of bi-metals, nano-alloys or materials that are immiscible in bulk state. Source material is supplied in the form of electrodes. The electrodes work with a click system, making it easy and quick to switch materials. 

Material versatility

With the VSP-G1 you can use any kind of (semi)conductive material for your nanoparticles and use argon, nitrogen or air as a carrier gas.The VSP-G1 uses two electrodes as base material to generate sub 20 nm particles.  All solid (semi)conductive materials that can be processed into electrodes can be used in this device.

Technical specifications

Power  110-240 V AC
Dimensions  Casing ca. 47x34x15 cm - Reactor added height ca. 10 cm
Weight  19 kg
Gas inlet/outlet 10 mm tubes (with Swagelok connectors)
Display  OLED
Controls  Manual operation & remote control via RS232

Operating window

Flow rate 1-30 L/min
Gas Supported: Ar or N2 (recommended purity 5.0)
Unsupported: He, Ne, Xe, Kr
Contact VSPARTICLE for use of reactive gases such as air, H2.
Electrode material Comes with Cu electrodes.
Various other metals (e.g. Ag, Au, Pt, W, Ni), semiconductors and carbon are possible.Primary particle size
1 atom to 20 nm
Ablation rate
~0.01-100 mg/h (material dependent)
Typical particle concentration 108-1011 cm-3
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