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Rigol MSO8204, 2 GHz BW, 10 GSa/s, 500 Mpts, 4 Analogue Channel, 10GSa/S,16 Digital Logic Channel Oscilloscope

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Digital Oscilloscope 2 GHz, 4 channel, 10 GS/s, 500 million memory points, 600,000 wfms/s capture rate. 10.1 inch capacitive touchscreen WVGA 256 level grading display.

To add the optional 16 digital logic channels, please order the RPL2316 Logic Probe Kit 

Supplied with 4 of Rigol RP3500A 500MHz Passive Probes.

2 of Rigol RP6150A 1.5GHz low-impedance Passive Probes. 

Receive the following FREE with orders placed before the 30th June 2021:

  • FREE Sensepeek 4003 PCBite Kit probes and leads worth £130
  • FREE Application Bundle MSO8000-BND worth £1,750


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The RIGOL MSO8000 series are a multifunctional and high-performance digital oscilloscope designed on the basis of the UltraVision II technology developed by RIGOL. Integrating 7 independent instruments into one, the MSO7000/DS7000 series is equipped with super high sample bandwidth ratio, extremely high memory depth, clear display, excellent waveform capture rate and powerful data analysis functions.

  • 500MHz Analog Bandwidth
  • 4 analogue channels and 16 digital channels (with RPL2316 Logic probe kit)
  • 10GSa/s real-time sample rate
  • 500 Mpts memory depth
  • High waveform capture rate 9over 600,00 waveforms per second)
  • Integrating 7 independent instruments into 1
  • Digital oscilloscope
  • 16-channel logic analyser
  • Spectrum analyser
  • Arbitrary waveform generator (option)
  • Digital voltmeter, 6-digit
  • Frequency counter and totalizer
  • Protocol analyser (option)

The application bundle MSO8000-BND offers exceptional value by unlocking all the serial protocol analysis decode options, Power Analysis, Waveform Generator and Jitter/Real time Eye options for one great price. Unlocks all options:- MSO8000-JITTER, MSO8000-COMP, MSO8000-EMBD, MSO8000-FLEX, MSO8000-PWR, MSO8000-AWG, MSO8000-AUDIO, MSO8000-AUTO.

Real-Time Eye Analysis
Complete signal quality analysis for serial data transmissions. Eye Diagram Analysis makes it easy to debug subtle timing, noise, and risetime issues on serial data signals. Combine with Histogram analysis of edge transitions for visualising and characterising embedded transmissions.

Unmatched Sample Rate Performance
Today's high speed designs drive the need for precision measurements and often nyquist sampling is insufficient to insure adequate signal construction. The UltraVision II technology brings a max sample rate of 10GSa/sec. This industry best sampling insures accurate signal visualization with no aliasing, distortion or signal loss. 

Advanced Jitter Analysis
Visualise and debug precise timing characteristics in serial data signals. Combine jitter readings with Time Interval Error trend and TIE histogram. The high sample rate and deep memory combine to analyse subtle timing effects of complex signals.

Performance Bandwidth and Risetime
The MSO8000 Series oscilloscopes have up to 2 GHz bandwidth. High performance risetime and 10 GSa/sec max sampling enables the MSO8000 to precisely analyse signal quality and timing.

Unprecedented Long Record Length
In order to capture long sequences required to debug serial traffic and complex modulations an instrument must have sufficient memory to acquire adequate time without compromising sample rate (signal detail). With category leading memory depth up to 500MPts the MSO8000 Series provides user with sufficient memory to capture long duration signals without compromising signal resolution.

Search and Navigation tools make long records more usable
Managing large data captures requires new navigation and analysis capabilities in order to make them useful. UltraVision II Oscilloscopes add Zoom, Search/Mark, and Record Mode (Segmented Memory)  to quickly identify signals of interest and make navigating long captures simple and efficient.

New Architecture drives generational performance improvements
The MSO8000 Series performance capabilities are enabled by RIGOL's UltraVisionII architecture. Get an overview of the architecture and see how the new ASIC based hardware design provides significant improvements in Jitter, Waveform Capture Rate and other key specifications.

Next Generation UI makes instrument interaction simple
Customers want flexibility in how they interact with their instruments. Incorporating Touch, Traditional Button and Knob, Mouse/Monitor, Web Control and Remote Operation the MSO8000 Series Next Generation User Interface provides users 5 unique ways to interact with the instrument.

Advanced Analysis Capabilities get you to root cause quicker
Engineers needs answers at their fingertips.  With 7 Unique integrated instruments, 43 Precision Measurements, Power, Histogram, FFT and other Analysis capabilities the MSO8000 Series allows customers to quickly identify and resolve complex design challenges.

Additional Information

No. of Channels 4
Max. Sample Rate 10GS/s
Touch screen Yes
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