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Luna’s Optical Backscatter Reflectometers (OBR) are the leading zero dead zone ultra-high-resolution test solution. With up to 10micron spatial resolution they provide an unprecedented view of devices and networks. We also have a conventional handheld OTDR.
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  1. LUNA OBR 4200 Reflectometer – Field Test

    LUNA OBR 4200 Reflectometer – Field Test

    Luna Technologies' OBR 4200 Optical Backscatter Reflectometer™ is the industry's only portable, ultra-high resolution reflectometer with backscatter-level sensitivity designed to test short networks in the field.

    • 500 metres range
    • No dead-zone
    • Millimetre spatial resolution

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  2. LUNA 6415 Lightwave Component Analyser

    LUNA 6415 Lightwave Component Analyser

    The Luna 6415 is a fast and simple-to-use analyser for passive optical components and modules. The Luna 6415 measures and analyses the Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) distribution, as well as length, working in either reflection or transmission.

    • 20 μm sampling resolution
    • 20 m measurement range
    • 6 Hz scan/acquisition rate
    • 1.5pm wavelength accuracy
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  3. LUNA OBR 5T-50 Reflectometer - Production Test

    LUNA OBR 5T-50 Reflectometer - Production Test

    Benchtop Optical Backscatter Reflectometer OBR 5T-50:
    • Industry-leading combination of measurement speed,range and accuracy
    • 10 Hz acquisition speed
    • 8.5 metre measurement range
    • 20 micron spatial resolution
    • 0.015% length measurement accuracy
    • Streamlined Graphical User Interface + Software Development Kit included
    • Optimise throughput with customised interface
    • Automatically locates reflective events and yields RL, IL and event location
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  4. LUNA OBR 4600 Reflectometer – Lab Test

    LUNA OBR 4600 Reflectometer – Lab Test

    The LUNA OBR 4600 is the industrys only ultra-high resolution OTDR with Raleigh backscatter-level sensitivity (better than -130 dB) designed for precision analysis of fiber optic components optical modules and optical sub-assemblies.

    • Easily locate, identify and troubleshoot macro-bends, splices, connectors and breaks
    • Locate Insertion Loss points at every point in the network or assembly – eliminate cut-back
    • Look inside components to evaluate each interface for RL and IL
    • Measure 30 m with 10 μm resolution in less than 7 seconds
    • Continuously measure a 1 m segment at up to 3 Hz
    • Test and troubleshoot short-run networks (< 2 km)
    • Automate pass/fail verification of fiber assemblies
    • Monitor distributed temperature and strain profiles along network or inside a component or module
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  5. Greenlee 930XC Handheld OTDR

    Greenlee 930XC Handheld OTDR

    Handheld Fibre OTDR for field use, available in MM (850 & 1300nm) and SM (1310, 1490, 1550, 1625nm) versions. Learn More


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