The new LUNA OBR 6235 brings ultra-high resolution analysis of distributed loss and latency measurements to data centres with longer measurement range in a portable, easy-to-use system. The OBR 6235 extends the measurement length of the portable OBR family out to 500m, making it ideal for rack-to-rack connections and other intra-data centre links.

The OBR 6235 is portable, battery-powered, features an intuitive touchscreen user interface and delivers the high-resolution sensitivity of Luna’s OBR platform. The OBR 6235 analyses distributed loss along the length of a fibre optic link, with tools to measure return loss (RL) and insertion loss (IL) at any location, enabling fast and precise troubleshooting.

With sampling resolution that far exceeds what’s available with traditional OTDR instruments, the OBR 6235 is ideal for measuring and certifying the optical latency, or length, in a network with extremely high precision. At 500m, the OBR analyses networks with a 1mm sampling resolution. The resolution increases to 0.2mm for 100m measurements. 

Learn more about the new LUNA OBR 6235 here.

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