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Lambda is a leading supplier of characterisation, measurement and analysis equipment, applied to signals from DC to Light. Our company provides hardware, software and integrated solutions throughout the UK & Ireland.

  • ARMMS RF & Microwave Society Conference

    ARMMS RF & Microwave Society Conference.

    The society was formed in 1982. Although it now covers all aspects of RF and microwave engineering the society was originally focused on automated measurement and was named the "Automated RF & Microwave Measurement Society" (ARMMS).

    27-28th April 2020.

    Double Tree by Hilton Oxford Belfry

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  • 33rd IEEE International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures (ICMTS)

    33rd IEEE International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures (ICMTS).

    The International Conference on Microelectronic Test Structures (ICMTS) is the premier conference devoted to the development, measurement and analysis of test structures providing a forum for designers and users of test structures to discuss recent developments and future directions.

    6-9th April 2020.

    University of Edinburgh

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  • Faraday Joint Interest Group Conference 2020

    Faraday Joint Interest Group Conference 2020.

    Showcasing UK physical chemistry research.

    6-8th April 2020.

    University of Sheffield

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  • Fischione Model 1080 PicoMill® TEM specimen preparation system

    A guide for preparing TEM specimens for a demonstration of the Model 1080 PicoMill® TEM specimen preparation system at Fischione Instruments.

    The Fischione Model 1080 PicoMill® TEM specimen preparation system is ideal for specimen processing following focused ion beam (FIB) milling. The PicoMill system’s concentrated argon ion beam, typically in the energy range of 50 to 2000eV, excels at targeted milling and specimen surface damage removal. Ion induced secondary electron imaging is used to locate the FIB-produced lamella and then to target the region that will receive low energy milling in either raster or spot modes. Only the lamella is targeted during ion milling. Ion bombardment of the supporting grid is eliminated, which helps to prevent redeposition. The PicoMill system can also remove damage from electro polished or broad beam ion milled specimens.

    CLICK HERE to download the full Model 1080 PicoMill® TEM Specimen Preparation System Application Note.

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    Lambda Photometrics is a leading UK Distributor of Characterisation, Measurement and Analysis solutions with particular expertise in Instrumentation, Laser and Light based products, Optics, Electro-optic Testing, Machine Vision, Optical Metrology, Fibre Optics and Microscopy.

  • UK Semiconductors Conference 2020

    UK Semiconductors Conference 2020.

    An annual conference on all aspects of semiconductor research.

    8-9th July 2020.

    The Hallam Hall, Sheffield Hallam University.

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  • Electron Backscatter Diffraction 2020

    Electron Backscatter Diffraction 2020.

    The annual gathering draws together the whole Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) community, including leading international research scientists and engineers, early career researchers, and students to highlight the latest developments, from technique development through to applications.

    21st-22nd April 2020.

    The Edge, Sheffield University.

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  • UKIVA Machine Vision Conference

    UKIVA Machine Vision Conference.

    Thursday 14th May 2020,

    Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes.

    UKIVA Conference 

  • UK Catalysis Conference 2020

    UK Catalysis Conference 2020.

    The meeting will provide an opportunity for catalytic scientists and engineers from across the UK’s academic and industrial communities to interact and network over the whole spectrum of Catalysis ranging from Organocatalysis, Biocatalysis, Homogenous catalysis and Heterogeneous catalysis.

    7th - 9th January 2020.

    Holywell Park Conference Centre, Loughborough University Science & Enterprise Park, Loughborough.

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  • MSI Symposium 2020

    MSI Symposium 2020.

    The symposium brings together researchers from around the world for discussions on microscopy techniques as well as applications of microscopy for biological and physical sciences.

    8th - 10th January 2020.

    Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

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  • Photon 2020

    Photon 2020.

    Over four days, Photon participants will have the opportunity to visit exhibitions on the latest in optics and photonics technology, attend lectures from experts in the field, and get up to date with cutting-edge research.

    1st - 4th September 2020.

    East Midland Conference Centre, Nottingham, UK.

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