Apex Technologies external cavity Littman tunable laser sources offer high performance across a wide tuning range, with high output power and high signal-to-noise ratio. Each laser chassis is designed to incorporate between 1 and 4 separate tunable laser options from the T-band to the extended C+L band. With each laser module covering a 110nm mode-hop-free tuning span and narrow linewidth of 280kHz for 1s integration, Apex’s tunable lasers are ideal solutions for component validation and research into fibre networks in various bands.

Apex Technologies offer both benchtop as well as OEM versions. Alongside using these instruments as standalone tunable lasers, they can also be integrated into Apex’s OSA and OFDR solutions without the need to buy a separate laser to operate these instruments. Customised wavelength ranges between 730-2000nm can be provided under request.

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