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TMC STACIS Quiet Island Large Vibration Isolation Platform

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  • Incorporates STACIS – TMC's active piezoelectric vibration cancellation technology is unmatched in the industry, with its "hard mount" design and isolation starting at 0.6 Hz, compatible with tools incorporating internal isolators.
  • Modularity, customisation and relocation flexibility – Each platform is individually tailored to the customer's application but can easily be reconfigured if the tool or the floor characteristics change, unlike concrete plinths.
  • Expertise – TMC has broad experience working with the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers, scientific facilities and ultra-precision OEMs. TMC know their customers and their needs. TMC design and manufacture in-house.

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Semiconductor manufacturing factories (fabs), Nanotechnology Centers, Nanofabs, and other precision manufacturing and research facilities often incorporate cleanrooms with a system of raised false floors to accommodate complex facilities requirements (plumbing, electrical cables, gas piping, etc.) and to maintain strict cleanliness standards. Such floors present a challenge to the installation of vibration-sensitive production, inspection, and metrology equipment. The raised floors cannot provide the necessary quiet vibration environment for such tools. TMC's Quiet Island® is an innovative solution that replaces a section of the raised floor area with a "Quiet Island" anchored to the sub-floor below. The Quiet Island consists of a cleanroom compatible platform top combined with an application and site specific support structure.

Vibration Cancellation
The main support element and core technology unique to the Quiet Island is the STACIS III Active Vibration Cancellation System. This "rigid" style inertial vibration cancellation support system is critical for any vibration sensitive instrument, enabling such tools to operate to their highest standards in an otherwise noisy environment. STACIS III is compatible with automated wafer processing tools, high resolution eBeam imaging tools, ion-beam milling tools, and any tool with internal vibration isolation systems, both passive and active (see our white paper on stacking active on active isolators). In addition, it provides the most vibration isolation across the widest frequency range commercially available. And, the "hard-mount" design is extremely stiff so that there is no stability concern for tall, top-heavy tools.

For very short raised floors, a more compact version of the Quiet Island can be designed utilizing STACIS IIIc isolators.

Risers and Supports
Extremely rigid and durable risers to support STACIS isolators are designed by TMC's experienced engineering team and manufactured to high standards and welding certifications in our ISO 9001 factory. Each Quiet Island is engineered to suit a variety of raised floor heights, sub-floor geometries, and tool footprints. With thousands of installations globally supporting over 200 different instrument models, TMC has the knowledge and experience to design a support structure meeting the needs of STACIS and your facility.

Rigid Platform
The platform is a TMC designed and manufactured 4 inch (100 mm) thick lamination of steel plates sandwiched around a lightweight, incompressible, damped core material. The layering effect of rigid steel plates and core, epoxy bonded into a seamless, stainless steel pan provides an extremely high level of stiffness and structural damping. The large cross-section and steel content yield a very high level of overall rigidity. The top and sides are a continuous, one-piece, stainless steel shell to preserve cleanliness, appearance and integrity. TMC designs and manufactures the platforms specific to the application incorporating cutouts, special shapes, tiedown holes, and lifting bolts as required.

Platform surface Stainless steel surface top and sides;
epoxy painted steel bottom
Platform construction Proprietary multi-layer steel laminate
Dimensions Build to suit
Standard heights 15, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 48 in.
38, 46, 51, 61, 76, 91, 122 cm
Custom heights also available
Load capacity Build to suit
Rigid risers and supports Certified welding, all-steel construction,
cleanroom compatible powdercoat finish
Options Restraint brackets, platform top eyebolts for lifting,
bridge plates for waffle-type subfloors
Platform top variations Cutouts, thru-holes, tapped holes for tool tie-downs

STACISS III Vibration Isolation Specifications

Active degrees of freedom 6
Active bandwidth 0.6 Hz - 150 Hz
Passive natural frequency 18 Hz vertical and horizontal
Effective active resonant frequency 0.5 Hz
Isolation at 1 Hz 40% - 70%
Isolation at ≥2 Hz ≥90%
Settling time after a 10 lb (4.5 kg) step input (10:1 reduction) 0.3 sec
Internal noise <0.1 nm RMS
Operating load range per isolator Low capacity: 400-1100 lbs (182-500 kg)
Med capacity: 900-2100 lbs (410-955 kg)
Hi capacity: 1900-4500 lbs (864-2045 kg)
Stiffness (1000 lb / 454 kg mass, Med capacity isolator) 40,000 lb/in. (73 x 105 N/m)
Magnetic field emitted at maximum 4 in.(102 mm) from the isolator <0.02 

Isolator Design, Dimensions, Environmental and Utility Requirements

Environmental and safety CE and RoHS compliant
Active isolation elements Piezoelectric actuators with minimum 3300 lb. (1500 kg) capacity receive signal from a high-voltage amplifier with an output of up to 800 VDC. Vertical actuators support the isolated payload.
Passive isolation element single stiff isotropic elastomer (no compressed air supply required)
Vibration sensor elements downward facing geophone type inertial sensors that measure floor vibration below the isolator and deliver voltage proportional to the velocity of vibration motion
Active feedback control loop Floor vibration is measured, processed and attenuated below the spring supporting the isolated surface
Isolator dimensions (WxDxH) 11.75 x 12.5 x 10.8 in.
300 x 320 x 275 mm
Isolator weight 75 lb (34 kg)
Operating temperature 50° - 90° F
10° - 32° C
Storage temperature -40° - 130° F
-40° - 55° C
Humidity 80% Maximum at 68 degrees F (20 degrees C), Maximum dewpoint: 18 degrees C
System power requirements 100, 120, 230, 240 VAC
50/60 Hz AC; <600 W
CE compliant
Floor displacement <480 μin. (12 μm) below 10 Hz
Isolator count per system minimum of 3
Options laminated stainless steel platforms, frames, risers, leveling devices, earthquake restraints, lifthoods

DC-2020 Controller Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH) 19 x 8.5 x 1.75 in.
483 x 216 x 45 mm
Weight 6.3 lb (2.9 kg)
Processor 150/75 MHz dual core
Sampling rate 10 kHz
Analog outputs 16 channels
Analog inputs 16 channels
Status light single LED
Front panel ports 1x serial USB 2.0
1x serial Micro-USB
1x Ethernet RJ-45
2x BNC
Rear panel ports 1x serial USB 2.0
1x Ethernet RJ-45
1x RS-232 DB-9 legacy serial for legacy STACIS 2100 isolators
User interface Front panel LCD display
Character menu on HyperTerminal
Extended GUI for Microsoft Windows
Embedded Ethernet GUI

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