TMC's Application Engineer, Dr Brian Keith, explains the importance of vibration isolation for quantum computers in an AZoQuantum interview.

TMC's STACIS® Quiet Island

What is the basic idea in quantum mechanics that quantum computers use?

Quantum computers take advantage of quantum mechanics, an extremely successful fundamental theory in physics that describes the behavior of very small objects, objects at the atomic level and smaller. The theory states that small objects aren’t made up of solid particles like billiard balls but are fundamentally wavelike. It is more correct to think of an electron, for instance, as being distributed over a small space than having a definite location.

It has a range of momenta, not a defined momentum, in a wave-like form. That is until you measure it. When you measure or interact with a quantum object, the object randomly picks a definite state and behaves more like a billiard ball or a particle. Until it is measured, it is in a superposition of its possible states. All we know before the measurement is the probability of finding the particle in one state or some other one. This is a really weird idea.

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