Here are some questions you must ask yourself when buying a new Sputter Coater for SEM sample preparation:

Q. Is my trusty 25 years old coater really delivering the coating quality I need in the modern world of microscopy?
A. Probably not

Q. Is the quality of my SEM images being compromised by my substandard sputter coater performance?
A. Definitely/Maybe 

Q. Does the best coating quality really have to be the most expensive?
A. Certainly not

Q. Is it possible for the markets most cost-effective coater to the deliver the best available sputter coating performance?
A. It certainly is

Q. Can I afford a new sputter coater?
A. Only if you buy a LuxorAuor  LuxorPt

From the first of November 2021 to 31st January 2022 Lambda Photometrics in conjunction with Luxor-Tech are selling the LuxorAu for £7,999 or a LuxorPt for £13,999.

The total package Includes:-

  • Off the shelf 10 day delivery
  • Coating unit - Borosilicate glass chamber, implosion cover, seals, vacuum & gas tubing
  • 100um thick Pt or Au target
  • Two stage rotary pump – vacuum oil & oil mist filter
  • Free delivery
  • Free installation
  • Free training
  • 2 years parts and labour no quibble warranty

The LuxorAu and LuxorPt sputter coaters from Lambda Photometrics deliver the best quality at the best price in the marketplace today.

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