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ZEISS Axioscope 5/7 for Materials

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Manufacturer: Zeiss

The ZEISS Axioscope upright light microscope was designed to meet the optical imaging requirements of materials laboratories. Coded and automation features make it particularly well suited to routine tasks that place high demands on data quality and reproducibility. It is also capable of handling advanced optical microscopy for materials science studies.

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  • Instrument variants for routine tasks and advanced research applications
  • Ergonomic operating concept and easy image acquisition
  • Full control over all stage movement, without having to take hands off the microscope or relying on external controllers (Axioscope 7)
  • Coded components to assure reliable and reproducible results
  • Modern light management to automatically adjust light intensity and scaling
  • Automated advanced imaging thanks to full motorization of the X, Y, and Z axes (Axioscope 7)
  • A multitude of contrast techniques to meet the special requirements of materials microscopy (Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarization, DIC, C-DIC, PlasDIC, Phase contrast, Fluorescence)
  • ZEN 2 core: imaging software specially developed for materials research and metallography


Dimensions (length x width x height)

approx. 293.5 mm x 240 mm x 367.5 mm 

Weight (depending on stand config.) approx. 14 to 20 kg

Coarse drive 

approx. 4 mm/rotation

Fine drive  approx. 0.4 mm/rotation; approx. 4 μm scale intervals
Lifting range

approx. 25 mm

Manual objective change

via nosepiece, 6x H, M27 encoded

Manual reflector module change

via reflector slider 2x encoded, reflector turret 4x  or 6x encoded








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