For 30+ years Lambda Photometrics have represented Stanford Research Systems (SRS) in the UK as SRS’s authorised UK distributor and service centre with unparalleled experience of supporting their products.

To ensure best value for money some companies require several quotes to satisfy their organisation’s purchasing policy. In order to clarify any confusion over comparisons between Lambda’s pricing and SRS’s International list price, we would like to highlight a few points in the table below to show why it makes sense to purchase direct from Lambda Photometrics.


Our prices should always be fair and compatible with SRS direct when you factor in freight, additional import duty charges, customs documentation, immediate local support and other hidden extras that people often miss. As the longstanding UK representative for SRS, our experience, pre and post-sales support can’t be matched.

If you would like to discuss or compare a quote please feel free to contact us - 01582 764334 or email.