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SMARTTECH 3D scanners in industry - "LUBIANA" porcelain factory

3D technologies are becoming more and more boldly entering modern enterprises to prove themselves in other industries, departments, and fields. The most modern technological solutions are present in our homes, workplaces, and means of transport and are slowly becoming our everyday life. However, we are not always aware of how much modern technology contributes to the creation of products that are hosted in our daily lives.

When drinking tea from a beautiful porcelain cup, we do not usually think about the long way that this product has gone through to reach our hands. In our imagination, we have a factory where the project is created and the cup is cast, dried, painted and sold. However, this process is much more complicated and requires modern solutions so that it can exist and stand out among the extensive competition. The key to success is often the original shape and pattern. Where to get a new form when you can find almost all possible patterns and colours on the market? One of the most popular tableware manufacturers in Poland, Lubiana, stood before such a challenge. The company has been operating continuously since 1969 and offers products at the highest global level, producing approximately 3,500,000 porcelain products per month. It implements individual orders, creates dedicated product lines as well as promotional projects and its products sometimes stand out due to their high originality.

Let's return to our cup, however. To create an original product that will impress with its shape, Lubiana company has asked artists for help, whose creativity has helped to create interesting projects. These people create their works for the needs of the Lubiana company in a rather traditional way - sculpting them in a cast. These products are sometimes very detailed, have lots of small parts, decorative reliefs, and shapes. When the product is finished, it is sent to Lubiana, which is designed to accurately reproduce the product and enable its production on a larger scale. At this stage of production, it was necessary to purchase a 3D scanner from SMARTTECH together with dedicated SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software.

The mentioned 3D scanning involves obtaining information about the shape, geometry of the object and creating its virtual, digital copy. As a result of scanning, a point cloud is obtained, i.e. a set of reflecting surfaces of the scanned object. They are described by three X, Y, Z coordinates and can also store object colour information. Then a triangle grid is created from these points. Thanks to it, the shape of the object is reflected in detail using a set of several million small triangles.

Having already created a network of artistic project triangles, you can create a copy using 3D printers or numerically controlled milling machines. Lubiana company uses a mesh of triangles created thanks to the purchased 3D scanner from SMARTTECH to prepare the mould for milling, which is then used to create finished products. The unique design of the artist is thus reproduced on a large scale in an unchanged form and then goes to stores. This is how a beautiful porcelain cup goes to our hands and accompanies us in everyday activities.

The company Lubiana has been using 3D scanning technology from SMARTTECH since 2014, however, in 2019, it decided to upgrade the SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software to the latest version of v.2019 and recalibrate the previously purchased 3D scanner from SMARTTECH. As pointed out by Zbigniew Andrzejewski, General Director of Lubiana "We received the software that is characterised by a high standard, modern technology with efficient parameters and functions with a significant increase in productivity over the models. We are satisfied with the decision to buy the equipment upgrade".

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SMARTTECH was established in year 2000 by the group of doctors and researcher from Warsaw University of Technology under the leadership of Prof, dr. hab. Mrs. Malgorzata Kujawinska who also was the inventor of the technology. The Company from the very beginning was focused on 3D data acquisition, using optical method using fringes projection systems. Since almost 20 years we have been upgrading the measurement method by redesigning and implementing the latest optical and projection solutions, to our measurement algorithm, providing the most accurate and reliable results for the most demanding customers of total 300 number of implementations all over the world.

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