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SMARTTECH3D Metrology - 3D scanners are well-known experts in the 3D measurement industry with a wide range of accurate 3D scanners – contactless 3D measurement.

Click here to see a video of the new 3D Scanner MICRON3D Colour 10Mpix

Alternating patterns of light are beamed from the projector onto the desired part, these patterns are recorded by the camera and used to create surface measurements. The white light scanner system not only scans the object surface but also creates a fully texture mapped point cloud in full colour.

The new 3D Scanner MICRON3D Colour 10Mpix offers:

  • Ultra-precise high resolution 3D scanner
  • Ability to scan shape of objects with real texture (points cloud with X,Y,Z and RGB)
  • Accuracy certified according to German VDI/VDE standard.
  • Easy & fast change of measurement volume with exchangeable lenses
  • User-friendly SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software enables a quick start and guaranties optimal data processing
  • Full carbon fibre housing of 3D scanner
  • Highest quality components: high resolution and sensitive colour cameras

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About Lambda Photometrics Ltd
Lambda Photometrics is a leading UK Distributor of Characterisation, Measurement and Analysis solutions with particular expertise in Electronic/Scientific and Analytical Instrumentation, Laser and Light based products, Optics, Electro-optic Testing, Spectroscopy, Machine Vision, Optical Metrology, Fibre Optics and Microscopy.

SMARTTECH3D is a recognised Polish manufacturer of 3D scanners in the world. The company was founded in 2000. The company's offer includes a full range of professional non-contact measuring devices for various applications, quality control, and reverse engineering software. SMARTTECH provides design-implementation services for advanced machine vision systems and 3D measurement services around the world. Satisfied customers include NASA, Boeing, Lufthansa, Orlen, Military Police, KRONES, Central Office of Measures as well as many educational units.