The Resolv4K modular video microscope system has been designed for superior visible wavelength axial color correction; but did you know about our VIS-NIR (Visible through Near Infrared) and SWIR options? The coating choices and design efficiency make this system the ideal SWIR camera complement for use applications such as:

  • SWIR Microscopy
  • Semiconductor Analysis
  • Through Silicon Imaging
  • PCB Inspection
  • Solar Cell Inspection
  • Spectrometry
  • Forensics
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Research

SWIR and Vis-NIR options are available for the following part numbers:

For VIS-NIR imaging the Resolv4K VIS-NIR can be configured with the following Pixelink cameras:

  • PL-D732MU-NIR (2MP, 2/3" format, Mono, USB 3.0)
  • PL-D734MU-NIR (4MP, 1" format, Mono, USB 3.0)
  • PL-D753MU (3MP, 2/3" format, Mono, USB 3.0, HDR)
  • PL-D757MU (7MP, 1.1" format, Mono, USB 3.0, HDR)

For SWIR imaging applications, we have tested the Resolv4K system with the Acuros 1MP SWIR camera from SWIR Vision Systems.

Sample images of bonded wafers showing bond seal rings and alignment marks used in wafer level vacuum packaging. Backlight with halogen using a Navitar Resolv4K system and Acuros™ 1MP SWIR Camera. Photos courtesy of SWIR Vision Systems.


This VIS-SWIR lens series maximizes performance from the Visible to SWIR wavelengths simultaneously. The new optical design allows for less focus shift when imaging at various wavelengths. With 5MP resolution, a fast f/1.8 aperture, and coverage from 400 – 1700nm the lenses are ideal for machine vision inspection and surveillance applications. Other application examples include invivo imaging, defense and security, semiconductor/silicon inspection, moisture detection, fill-level detection, and produce sorting.

Available NMV-SWIR Lenses


  • Specialised optical design for imaging in both Visible and SWIR
  • Optimised transmission from 400 – 1700nm, +50% transmission out to 2000nm
  • Covers a 1” (16mm diagonal) sensor
  • Standard thumb screws for locking focus and iris functions.

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