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The growing diversity in the used materials in semiconductor packaging provides challenges for achieving good interconnection. Particularly the very soft substrates, such as paper and polymers, and very hard, such as silicon carbide, offer unique challenges to wire-bonding or the formation of vertical interconnects. 

Complementary technologies are therefore needed. 

Using the prototype of the VSP-P1 NanoPrinterJoost van Ginkel developed a method to direct-write conducting gold tracks on the top and sides of dies. Since the process is entirely at room temperature, it is suitable for use on soft or temperature-sensitive substrates.

The printed metal lines consist of pure Au nanoparticles, without surfactants or contaminants,

and do not require any further curing, cleaning, or processing to function. The process is demonstrated on Si dies and paper, but is theoretically applicable on a wide variety of substrate materials. It can thus provide an alternative method for creating interconnects or vias on soft materials, temperature sensitive materials, irregularly shaped materials, or curved surfaces. During the upcoming live session he will present the structure and electrical performance of these interconnects and other interesting aspects of his work. 

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09.00 BST, Thursday, 14th October, 2021

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