ZYGO creates precision optical mirrors using stringently-controlled fabrication processes, enabling them to function reliably in a variety of extreme environments. Their mirrors are found underwater, in deserts, at high altitudes and orbiting the earth. They customize every mirror to meet or exceed your requirements.

Mirrors can also be light-weighted for applications where weight is critical, as is common in aerospace applications.  Light-weighting is a process in which material is removed from an optical component by machining, or other methods, while still preserving the mirror's optical performance.

Key Features

  • Geometry (flats, spheres, aspheres) to better than λ/50 PV.
  • Full aperture interferometry up to 32" for flats, and up to 12" for spheres/aspheres (larger with stitching).
  • Surface Roughness < 1 nm rms.


ZYGO has a long tradition of manufacturing custom-made optical mirrors for a wide variety of applications, including, but not limited to:

  • EUV mirrors
  • Lightweighted mirrors
  • Space mirrors
  • Stage Components for lithographic steppers
  • X-ray mirrors
  • Defense/Aerospace
  • Medical/Life Sciences
  • Industrial OEM
  • Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance (ISR)

Contact us on 01582 764334 to speak with one of our Product Specialists.

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