Straight edges are precision machined and polished structures used as a physical or optical reference surface.  ZYGO manufactures extreme precision straight edges from low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) materials, achieving tolerances up to 1,000 times better than a machinist’s straight edge.  Fabrication, coating, and metrology are all performed by ZYGO. 

Custom Shapes and Sizes

  • Rectangular, square, L-shaped or other complex shapes
  • Lengths from 6” to 40” [150 mm to 1 meter]

Extreme Precision

  • Flatness less than 1 μin [25 nm]
  • Parallelism or perpendicularity to less than 2 arc seconds [.0005 degree]

Optical Coatings Available

  • For an optical reference, request a reflective coating based on your laser wavelength
  • ZYGO’s in-house coating team can help you choose the right coating based on reflectance, environmental conditions, and durability requirements

Thermally Stable Material Selection

  • Low CTE material choices available such as Zerodur®, ClearCeram-Z® or ULE®
  • ZYGO can help you decide based on performance, cost, and lead time

ZYGO Quality

  • ZYGO’s industry-leading metrology systems certify all specifications
  • Recertification and refurbishment services are available

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